The First Descendant – Fusion Reactors Guide

Quick Guide to Fusion Reactors

Void Fusion Reactor rewards change based on whether you have Void Shards or not.

  • Rewards also change based on World Difficulty.
  • Finishing Void Fusion Reactor gives you a Reconstructing Device to Shape Amorphous Materials.

Void Fusion Reactor is an activity in each zone. You need Void Shards to start Void Fusion Reactor.

  • Check how many Void Shards you need by looking at the Void Fusion Reactor icon on the map.
    • You can join other players’ missions without Void Shards.
    • But you need Void Shards to get extra rewards.
  • The game takes Void Shards when you get extra rewards.
    • Finishing Void Fusion Reactor gives you a Reconstructing Device to Shape Amorphous Materials.
Org.Inorg.Poly.Mono.SubMainDiff.Amor. 1Amor. 2
31200Grand SquareKingstonNormal001
93600Grand SquareKingstonHard054055
04011RepositorySterile LandNormal007
20130Restricted ZoneSterile LandNormal008
00312RockfallSterile LandNormal006
08037RepositorySterile LandHard062063
70380Restricted ZoneSterile LandHard064065
00738RockfallSterile LandHard060061
00114The RuinsVespersNormal013
13020Moonlight LakeVespersNormal015
30120Lost Supply DepotVespersNormal014
003411The RuinsVespersHard070071
36090Moonlight LakeVespersHard074075
70380Lost Supply DepotVespersHard072073
00312MiragestoneAgna DesertNormal028
11040The StorageAgna DesertNormal027
12300Vermilion WasteAgna DesertNormal026
00639MiragestoneAgna DesertHard092093
38070The StorageAgna DesertHard090091
40500Vermilion WasteAgna DesertHard088089
11004Muskeg SwampEcho SwampNormal020
21300Derelict CovertEcho SwampNormal021
350010Muskeg SwampEcho SwampHard080081
63900Derelict CovertEcho SwampHard082083
01140MountaintopsWhite-Night GulchNormal033
31200HatcheryWhite-Night GulchNormal035
20013ObservatoryWhite-Night GulchNormal034
031140MountaintopsWhite-Night GulchHard098099
54000HatcheryWhite-Night GulchHard102103
80037ObservatoryWhite-Night GulchHard100101
11004Dune BaseHagiosNormal040
14100Corrupted ZoneHagiosNormal041
01140Fractured MonolithHagiosNormal042
340011Dune BaseHagiosHard108109
351000Corrupted ZoneHagiosHard110111
03690Fractured MonolithHagiosHard112113
01014Fallen ArkFortressNormal048
30120Frozen ValleyFortressNormal047
00132Defense LineFortressNormal049
011034Fallen ArkFortressHard120121
80370Frozen ValleyFortressHard118119
00396Defense LineFortressHard122123

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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