The First Descendant – How to Kill the Hanged Man

Hanged Man (Boss Tips)

The boss starts normal. There’s a pipe and a pedestal near the boss. The pedestal has a cube on it. If you pick up the cube, the boss gets stronger. The pipe starts to fill with red stuff. If it fills up, everyone dies. Taking the cube stops the pipe from filling.

Strong Mode:

When the boss is stronger, it can’t be hurt. It shoots lasers in front of it. These lasers can kill you fast if you don’t have good armor.


After about 2 minutes, when the pipe is almost full, one player takes the cube. This player needs to run around and avoid attacks. The other players stand in front of the boss and shoot at its weak spot. The weak spot shows up before the boss fires its laser. It’s easier to hit from the front. Two players with good damage can break the weak spot.

When it breaks, the boss stops for a bit. If someone has the cube then, the red stuff in the pipe goes down. Do this a few times to empty the pipe. Then put the cube back. The boss goes back to normal and can be hurt again.

I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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