The First Descendant – Research Requests Guide

Greetings, Descendants! In this guide, we’ll cover Research Requests, which are used to obtain new Descendants and craft various advanced equipment and enhancement materials.

What Are Research Requests?

Research Requests let you obtain Descendants other than the Descendant that you chose at the start of The First Descendant.

It is also a function that allows you to craft materials that are required to enhance the stats of Ultimate Weapons, Modules, Equipment, and more.

Research Request main screen – You can find the list of different Research Requests sorted by categories on the left.

There will be a total of 13 Descendants available during the Crossplay Open Beta Test.

Excluding your first chosen Descendant, you can obtain any of the remaining 12 Descendants through Research Requests.

Descendants that can be obtained during the Crossplay Open Beta Test

You can find more information about the Descendants on our official website via Game Info Character.

This is also available in-game via Descendant (H).

You can learn about the money, materials, and time required for Research Requests from Anais in Albion.

Location of Anais in Albion

How to Carry Out Research Requests

Research Requests are carried out through Anais in Albion,

and each request requires a certain amount of time, gold, and materials to complete.

When doing a Research Request, you can view the required research materials by clicking on the item that you want to craft.

You can also view the Research Info of the Descendant or weapon that you want to craft via the route below.

  • Descendant: Descendants (H) → Select Descendant to research → Details (P) → Research Info
  • Weapon: Inventory (I) → Weapons List → Select Ultimate Weapon to research → Research Info (F)

In addition, you can view the sources of each material by hovering your mouse over the material and pressing F.

Materials required for Descendant research can be viewed via Descendants (H) → Details (P) → Research Info.

Materials required for research can be viewed via Inventory (I) → Weapons List → Select Ultimate Weapon to research → Research Info.

Talk to Anais in Albion or check the Research Info as explained above to select what you want to research and view the time, price, and research materials required.

While hovering the mouse over a research material, press F to either Go to Research for materials that can be obtained through research or to view the Acquisition Info for materials that can be obtained through gameplay.

However, the Crossplay Open Beta Test period is short, so you may not be able to try out multiple different Descendants.

We plan to give users the opportunity to try out new Descendants by opening an Event Shop during the test period.

For more information, refer to the below tip!

Tip: How to quickly and easily obtain Descendants during the Crossplay Open Beta Test period!

During the Crossplay Open Beta Test, you can find the Event Shop by talking to Anais in Albion.

You can use Credits (purchasable in-game currency) at the Event Shop to immediately buy materials required for Descendant research.

In addition, for Descendant Research Requests, Credits can be spent to Boost Research and immediately obtain the Descendant.

The Anais Event Shop in Albion

During Research, the Descendant’s status will change to Researching. You can immediately complete the research by spending Credits to Boost Research.

To obtain and use the Descendant, you must claim the Descendant once research is complete. Obtained Descendants can be viewed from the Descendants (H) menu.

You can view and use obtained Descendants via Descendants (H) Descendants List (G).

Credits can be obtained by completing in-game event missions during the test period.

Complete in-game event missions to earn Credits and try out new Descendants through Research Requests!

Thank you!

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