The First Descendant – Thunder Cage 524K DPS Build

Thunder Cage 524K DPS (Not Budget Friendly)

Caution: Build Requires Reactor + Cristalize Cats

I Plan on Cristalizing the last 2 mods and leave the 10th slot empty, If you want to use this STRICTLY for bossing, then Cristalize the final and last slot to fit the 35% Weakpoint Sight blue mod.

If you plan on using it for General gameplay+Bossing, Keep the last slot empty for Universal selection, If you need more space, Make Marksman 1 rank off max to make its cost 10 instead of 11 and it will be a 5 cost mod when Cristalized at a rank cost of 10.

This gun is VERY fun w/ the Ultimate yellow mod “Electric Conductor + Bunny” Weapon Duo, As bunny is amazing at keeping Electrocution procs.

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That concludes the guide, hope you found it helpful!

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