The Front – How to Collect Resources

Collecting Resources

Collecting resources is the most basic gameplay element of The Front. Most resources in the game will need to be collected by hand or with the help of tools.

You can also join a squad from the squad interface [G] and set up a division of labor with your squadmates to more efficiently collect resources.

Basic resources you’ve collected can be processed into advanced materials at workbenches, such as the Crafting Table, the Chemist’s Bench, the Forging Table, and more.

These advanced materials can then be used in crafting structures, equipment, vehicles, defenses, and weapons.

By Hand

When you’re playing with a new character, your Tech [O] level will be relatively low and you won’t have many resources. You will also not yet be able to craft and use higher-efficiency tools, so you’ll need to start off by collecting resources with your bare hands.

This method is relatively primitive, and you will only be able to collect the most basic resources. Resources that can be collected using your bare hands include small stones, branches, and plants such as bushes, dandelions, poppy, mushrooms, and fruit that you find on the ground.

Advanced resources such as trees and ore will need to be collected with the help of tools. You can punch trees and rocks to get these resources, but you will not be able to collect very many using this method.

For instance, to collect dandelions, use [WAD] and [Mouse] to move your character near the dandelion, then press [F] to collect it.

With Tools

As you accumulate resources and level up, you will be able to unlock new tools from the Weapons tab of the Tech interface [O]. Using tools to collect resources is not only more efficient, there are also certain resources that can only be collected using these tools.

The Stone Axe and Stone Pickaxe are the most basic collection tools in The Front. After unlocking them from the Weapons tab of the Tech interface [O], you will be able to craft them from your crafting inventory [TAB].

Use [LMB] to click on the Stone Axe or Stone Pickaxe in your crafting inventory to craft them. Once crafted, they will be placed in your normal inventory [B].

Open your inventory [B], click [LMB] and drag the Stone Axe or Stone Pickaxe to your shortcut bar, then press [ESC] to return to the game. Press the number keys corresponding to the shortcuts in which you’ve placed your tool to equip them, then move close to a resource you want to collect and click [LMB] to collect it.

Different tools collect different types of resources.

Stone Axes collect resources from trees, Stone Pickaxes collect ore from stones, Stone Knives collect resources from animal carcasses, Stone Shovels collect Crude Oil and Sand, and Stone Sickles collect resources from plants.

With Vehicles

Once your character reaches a certain level, you will be able to unlock resource collection vehicles from the Vehicles tab of the Tech interface [O].

Such vehicles include Logging Trucks, Harvesters, and Miners. These vehicles are very efficient at collecting resources. Logging Trucks collect wood, Harvesters collect basic types of plants, and Miners collect ore.

Drive the vehicle to any place where the corresponding resource is located to start collecting it.

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