The Hunter: Call of the Wild – Gameplay Tips

Tips for Beginners

Tip #1

Pay attention to need zones (examine them, or spot animals in them, so they register permanently on your map). By their very nature, most you encounter will have been abandoned a short time previously (they disappear after a few hours), either because you scared away the animals or it was just their time to leave. Check the tracks to see which paths they took coming and going. Go back the next day ~1 hour in to the active time, being sure to keep the wind in your face, and if you can avoiding the incoming tracks so as not to meet any stragglers.

Drink zones are easiest because at least one side will give clear views (across the water or along the shore).

Once you know where a zone is, you can run to about 200m out, walk to about 120, crouch to about 90 and then crawl – but on the way, occasionally get into cover and stand to check where your prey is, it’s easy to lose your bearings.

Tip #2

Get some skills & perks. In Stalker, get Locate Tracks, Track Knowledge and then Soft Feet, which reduces the noise you make. In Ambusher, get Spotting Knowledge and Sight Spotting.

Tip #3

When you do get a chance to take a shot, wait for a broadside shot and aim for the lungs. You get more XP for a clean shot, which helps you level up and unlock more skills, perks and equipment.

I hope that helps. Go well!

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