The Last Faith – Tips for Marksman Class

Gameplay Tips for Marksman Class

The classes in this game are basically “starting packages” they start with a certain stat spread and usually some starting gear. However ANY class can use ANY weapon and ANY spell they want as they find them in the game (the limitation being the stat requirement, and that only reduces maximum potential damage with said item).

While ammo does seem to drop a lot, you are going to need to use your melee weapons fairly often (especially on bosses).

So I would almost recommend going with a dex or strength build and specing for ranged weapons as you get stronger in the game. So far, in my VERY early amount of playtime (around 4 hours) Rogue might be the easiest “starting package.”

In terms of ease of use starting out I feel like the rogue is the easiest. But mid-late game your starting class won’t matter anymore.

  • Rogue > Warrior > Marksman > Mage

Unless of course you are very familiar with dark souls games and are aware starting as a marskman (because of limited ammo) is going to prove to be a harder initial difficulty then starting as a Warrior or Rogue…

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