The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky – How to Beat Colonel Richard

Colonel Richard Boss Fight Tips

The first thing to do is to kill the robots ASAP so they stop pounding you with Atomic Missile.

I like to bring a mix of physical/magical attackers to the fight, although Estelle and Joshua are okay at both. Tita and Olivier have healing Crafts, but Tita is pretty fragile. Kloe has an S-Craft heal, but you need to keep her alive. I think Agate is a good choice as well, he’s the strongest physical damage dealer, and like Joshua, he has a ranged craft – Draguna Edge – which doesn’t move him (so he can stay in place for Earth Wall), and it also impedes.

Zin is a defence-oriented character in a series where higher defence is less effective than higher offence. He’s okay in SC/Third, but he’s better if you never equip the Strength-lowering Defense quartz on him.

Note: I suggest turning it back to Normal for Sky SC, because SC is – at least at the start – a distinct step up in difficulty, so Hard in SC will be significantly more difficult.

If you’re not aiming for S-Craft? Whats S-Craft? achievement requiring you to not using S-crafts during final battle then unload s-crafts onto 1 drone at the time.

I highly recommend having Oliver as a healer since one of his crafts is area heal for 800 without any cast time. Give him some CP up accesories too.

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