They Are Billions – Campaign Tips

Useful Tips

General tips if your struggling in the campaign

  • Get marines, farms, and Ballistas, ASAP (for the rest read a tech guide) Train upgrades, marine upgrades and shocking towers and their upgrades are seldom the wrong call.
  • Always be clearing some part the map if your units are ever NOT shooting and idle before you fully clear the map each second they are not shooting is 1 extra second of inefficiency you can work to avoid
  • If you start getting overwhelmed pull back and kite keep adding units until you get a deathball
  • Always expand to the areas you’ve cleared. Keep expanding housing, it’s super easy to get rid off excess food, energy, wood, and even money by
  • Make markets which will auto-sell the excess which will inevitably happen. If your storage of anything is full e.g lumber, and your sawmill ticks over those resources will be completely lost
  • For wave defense spam more walls than you think you need that will help you survive while your units take out the wave
  • Some maps are super difficult if you don’t have the right tech. Spitters for instance generally easily wreck marines unless you have good micro and invested heavily into marine upgrades. this is countered by just teching into different units (e.g snipers) and spamming those
  • Obviously do the hero missions as soon as they are available. Teching will give you the advantage even if you spec into the wrong technology.
  • Mid campaign on long maps (40+ days) you can pump out several hundred marines by pumping out from 6-7 barracks at time. Keep adding more economy more towers and more units even if you think you’re safe.

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