Time Wasters – Kat Boss Tips

How to Defeat Kat Boss

Kat, Doc, Azurene and Ravebow worked really well for me. Only weapons are katanas and static field. Overclock the katanas and don’t overclock any other weapon: it’s Kat’s challenge for a reason.

Once you get the super katanas and overclock them, you can boost into bosses, shred them quickly, and get lots of gold vaults. Perhaps Luna would’ve been a better crew member than Azurene because of the shield recharge while moving.

I could’ve gone much further than wave 240, but I ended it on purpose out of boredom, since it would be pretty much the same gameplay over and over again.

Destructible bullets are not a problem overall because the katanas shred through them. Static field helps a bit by slowing them down.

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  1. Super plasma cannon with focus can shred bosses almost as fast as the katana and from longer range. It’s much more versatile than katana for the elite elite waves (where they have contact damage).

    This mode is really fun, but it has some performance issues with the firebirds and snakes.

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