Total Battle – Army Guide

Types of Troops

There are several types of troops available in the game:


  • They have special attack bonuses against monsters.


  • They have special attack bonuses against other players. Note that when fighting an enemy player, the base attack of your specialists is doubled.

Engineer Corps

  • They have special attack bonuses against fortifications.


  • They have higher base attack and health stats.


  • Different mercenaries grant special attack bonuses against either other players or monsters.

You can study the troops available for hire in the Army tab on the main menu panel.

Each troop type has three unique traits indicated below its name. Traits determine both the vulnerabilities and unique attack bonuses of a particular troop type when fighting other troop types.

Training Troops

You can train troops in the Army tab. To train troops of a higher tier, you first need to research the relevant technology in the Academy. To train some specific troops, you need a special currency — Dragon Coins. You can read more about these Coins and other currencies here.

Please note that if you have a Food deficit, the amount of Silver that is required to train troops will increase.

Reviving Troops

You will be able to revive 90% of your fallen troops using Gold if they died while attacking another player or a monster. If the troops died while defending a location from an enemy, you will be able to revive 75% of the fallen troops using Silver.

As an alternative to Gold and Silver, you can also use Sacred Potions, which are produced by your Temple, to revive any fallen troops.

The cost of reviving troops, as well as the cost of producing Sacred Potions, depends on the level of your Temple. Some tournaments affect either the currency that can be used to revive troops or the cost itself.

Ruthless Slaughter allows you to revive all troops that died in an attack using Silver instead of Gold, while Thirst for Battle decreases the cost of reviving troops that died while attacking other players.

Tip: Please note that if only one unit dies during an attack or while defending, you won’t be able to revive it.

The Chance to Attack First

The initiative stat determines which troops attack first in battle. Troops that have a higher initiative always attack first. However, this bonus only takes effect once per round. A round is considered completed when all of the attacking troops have had chance to strike the defending troops and vice versa.

If the opposing troops have equal initiative, then the side that attacks first is determined randomly. Both you and your enemy have a 50% chance of striking first.

Note that engineer corps troops only have bonus initiative when fighting troops with the “Fortification” trait, while fortifications have a higher base initiative against all types of troops.

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