Total War: WARHAMMER III – How to Get Rid of Trickster Cults

Trickster Cults

  • Trade the Settlement – Get rid of the cult – Trade it back

How about AI getting rid of the cults?

They will destroy the cults (if discovered) but only will do it if they can afford it. Which, if its a fully developed cult it can cost like 6000 gold.

Usually vassals will spend most their money developing armies and settlements before they get rid of the cult. So they wont really get the money together to destroy them.

Had an Ai faction leave my discovered undercity alive for multiple turns because they just couldnt afford it. (Discoverability doesnt depend on the faction where the cult is inside to have that discoverability, it can be from any faction).

You can make a hero stack (about 10 should be good enough), move it into the area where you suspect the cult, then pay your vassal 10k and hope he destroys it over spending it on his cities.

And just as a sidenote, Trickstercults will not go away if you raze the settlement (feature or bug? who knows). Unlike Skaven undercities and Pirate Coves.

Also, for further campaigns, you can use the Console Mod to move your camera to Stirland, reveal the map, type “kill” in the command line and click the changeling, activate and bye bye annoying changeling. and then just go back to to where you started and un-reveal the map.

You can also remove the mod after you’ve done that without any issues (have to enable the function that lets you load any save on the save-loading screen because the game gets pissy if you remove mods or are missing any mods and wont let you load the save without that function enabled).

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