Total War: WARHAMMER III – Tips for Ku’gath

Ku’gath Battle Tips

Here is a few tips from someone who like a lot playing Ku’gath:

  • Hunt down ressources production regions because each one of them gives you +1 cap for all three heroes.
  • Ku’Gath’s faction is heroes oriented, with his own army you’ll field many cheap nurglings with at least 4 heroes with him (1 plagueridden lore of nurgle because it can fly with his mount while Ku’gath concentrate on yellow, red and blue skill lines) 3 nurgles chaos warriors heroes because they dish extreme damages, are tough… They will be your main strike force ot eliminate lords, heroes and dangerous units. And at least one cultislt on his shrine to gives regen on area, 2 would be better.
  • Focus on a very provinces, don’t try to build them all up at once! It costs too much doing so, take it slowly.
  • Also try to put at least 7 nurglings in your armies to gain the ancillary Bruntos Bowelpurge which reduce the upkeep for nurglings units!
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