Total War: WARHAMMER III – Useful Tips for Kislev

Kislev Tips

Recruit the Cossack archers from Turn 2 with a separate army. Then when you head to Fort Jakova bring in that second army. You should also be recruiting the same unit with Katrina as well. Use the archers to shoot at the units inside the fort and do not go in until you can’t shoot anymore units. Then breech the walls via smashing down the gates and enter the fort.

Using this set up you should be running on nearly 0 gold income, but be able to take out the Orcs to the south (if you don’t they will mess you up.) And the Skaven to the North.

If you’re lucky a Cathay Caravan may appear, near Fort Jakova, kill it and get 20,000 gold. As Kislev you must be taking at least one settlement every turn or two turns. Or you’re going to be in a world of pain.

Though it’s reiterating a lot of points made by others.

  • 1) Kossar Horsemen units are great. You should be using them to sweep ranged units and lightly armoured units off the field. It’s often a mistake to not build the horse recruitment building early on (even if it’s temporary) just to give your stacks diversity.
  • 2) Kislev’s early econ is a war econ. Fight, win, and that’s how you make money. Your income per turn will be as close to 0 or negative for quite some time.
  • 3) The different blessings help massively depending on your chosen opponent. Ursun will provides an AoE that saps fatigue from a group of units, which will reduce their melee prowess. This is useful against Norsca in particular. Against Skaven, using Tor’s blessing will be better for the melee attack bonus, allowing Kossars to trade more effectively against the waves of clanrats, skavenslaves and Stormvermin (though I’d also argue, if you’re seeing Stormvermin you’ve taken too long.)

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