Total War: WARHAMMER III – Vampire Coast Tips

Tips for Vampire Coast

Regarding tips VC don’t have a lot of strong early game units but you do have a few options. You could sail around leveling up and creating coves for income till you can get some better units and set up shop wherever.

Guns and artillery can work well but understanding how to use it well with their poor accuracy can be tricky. You really need some ap guns and keeping firing lines open is much more important than the “lives” of your soldiers.

For the front line the trash tier gunnery mob may be your best early game as it has some damage potential and all their early units will crumble pretty quick. Keep a spaced out formation and try to keep everyone shooting.

Vampires in general can also fall back on the overwhelm them with numbers strat, just bring more zombies as you should be able to raise them faster than the lizards can spawn.

When fighting the Lizards or other strong infanty-focused-factions you may need to look into your formation if you fight the battles manually (which I’d recommend).

For example you can use something like a “V” shape, where your infantry (zombies with swords or preferably polearms and your heroes) form the tips whereas your gunners stand behind, but through these gaps they can always fire. During the fight you may need to move around and you should look out for the flying units of the Lizards since they need to be focused. Otherwise they may hurt your artillery badly. You can also find a few videos on Youtube on this matter from Zerkovich (“Formation Guide”).

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