Travellers Rest – How to Make Money


If you hover your mouse over a drink or dish it will show you how much you should earn. Same as when adding an ingredient to a drink or dish. The rarer fruits seem to push the drink values higher, maybe make it a point to check the wild fruit trees to harvest them when they are ready and buy whatever fruits you can afford from the mailbox.

You should always try and age your drinks to max level when possible. Sometimes you cant because you have to have stuff to sell, but do it when you can.

I’ve got a chest in the cellar for unaged drinks and a chest in the bar for aged drinks. Expanding the cellar and filling it with barrels was one of my initial focuses. I now try and keep a nearly full chest of fully aged drinks ready to go, as well as 30-40 barrels full of drinks aging.

Foods, I don’t really worry about too much, just make a bunch of stuff to fill the box so you have stuff to sell, variety is nice but if you are open all day you need stuff in quantity. And really that goes for drinks as well, I just make sure I’m making stuff to have to sell. I’ve really mostly shifted to making what I can make in stacks, as you can put a 30 stack in a barrel, so making 3 different drinks that stack to 12, therefore needing 3 barrels to age feels inefficient.

The game seems to snowball at some point. Once you can seat 20 or so people (I’m really guessing at that number, it could be a bit higher or lower, play with it) and you can bring on a waiter, bartender and bouncer you can really just open as soon as you wake up and let the bar handle itself all day. Of course youll need to refill the taps and keep foods cooking and so on, but you can easily top things off and then go down to the farm shop and gather the forage and minerals, stop back and top off, then head north and do that loop.

There’s almost certainly a breakpoint where you can make and sell only the highest priced stuff, it really doesnt seem necessary. Initially gold is a problem, but at some point you are able to just print money on demand, and everything else becomes a bottleneck.

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  1. 1) First of all, check how much it costs to produce that item, then compare to how much it sells for to know income;
    2) Try adding flawors of different types, for example, you can put one fruit, one veggie, one meat, one grass, one dairy etc > it will improve any item price as long as they are from different tags; (for example, you won’t get any benefits from putting 3 lemons into same wine)
    3) Each ingredient increases product selling price by certain %. Example, let’s say a lemon has +10% bonus and was used for base-price wine of 100 > it would bring 110 income. And if you put same lemon into some aged beer with base price 500, it will cost 550.
    4) Items of same category can have different income bonuses, so strawberry, melon, pear etc all have different % bonuses even if it take same ammount of time / effort to produce them, so experiment freely.

    As was already stated above, you care about quantity, not quality. Eventually you just wake up, slap together anything there is in kitchen, then throw it into bar and call it a day. You might want to make sure there is food varietty tho, it will be very hard to sell 60 teas instead of 20 soup, 20 salad, 20 fried fish.

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