Treasure of Nadia – Madalyn’s Story (Spoilers!)

Guide to Lore: Madalyn’s Story

Madalyn was the Mother Superior at Saint Dame Cathedral and the primary assistant to Father Francis Parker, her birth brother.

Her primary duty was to oversee the other Nuns and manage the convent. She was posing as a member of the convent while secretly being a member of the Church of Cambion.

As a female member of the male dominated Church of Cambion her duties to that church required her to assist Father Parker, who was also a member of the Church of Cambion and the church’s resident demon. Taking advantage of Sister Judy’s program for lost girls those two managed to kidnap two innocent girls to further the Priest’s efforts to create a replacement body for him to possess when Father Parker’s body died. With the unwitting assistance of the the campus security guard Budde the two constructed secure living quarters in the cathedral/University building’s basement. These quarters were constructed to prevent the girls having contact with any other person who could contaminate the unborn baby that was to be the “vessel:” or new body to be possessed by the demon. The priest added piping to distribute small amounts of a potion that when coming into contact with a human causes an uncontrollable urge to mate. An ESU student by the name of Brad discovered the two girls and vowed to rescue them. He also learned of Father Francis’ plans for the two girls and the method the priest was using to hold the girls captive. During Brad’s efforts to free and protect the girls the Priest was shot and killed by the security guard. The death of the physical body the demon was inhabiting caused the premature eviction of the demon. The demon was forced back into the abyss and due to his weakened state can only be partially in the human world. It was in this state that Madalyn returned and found the demon in the Dark Woods.

Madalyn recognized that the demon had failed to produce a new human body for itself and she vowed that she would not fail in completing that task. In order to complete the task Madalyn needed to find the method used to allow a demon to possess a human body. To do this Madalyn took the demon and sought out the Book of Cambion which she believed is in first Church of Cambion located in Cape Vedra.

Madalyn’s and he demon’s story continues with the hunt for the Treasure of Nadia.

The stories of Lust Epidemic and the treasure of Nadia created by NLT.

Before we start on our narrative a little of Madalyn’s personality should be explained.

When we first met Madalyn Rose she had an aloof, leave me alone attitude toward other people. This type of reaction to others could be the result of several factors. Madalyn is a nun; in fact she was the Mother Superior of the convent located at the church of Saint Dame. Her brother Father Francis Parker was the presiding priest over the church. Both were members of the Church of Cambion, a sect of demon worshippers, but they were hiding this from all other people and posing as Christians. In fact, as per the tenants of their church Francis, at birth, had been possessed by the demon Daemalius. The canon also placed a male only father to son linage in charge of the church. This fact alone was a cause for a jealous reaction from Madalyn.

When Saint Dame was destroyed by the hurricane and her brother was killed Madalyn “recovered” the extremely weakened demon and relocated to the first home of the church. That home was in Cape Vedra.

After a year of unsuccessful attempts to locate the original place of the church a personable young man going by the name MC intruded upon her in the church.

During the initial visit Madalyn in a rather inhospitable manner forced the young man out of the church.

However during his time in the church MC noticed some unusual happenings. Being the inquisitive man he was MC determined to find out more about what was really happening in the church.

He made several intrusions into the church running afoul of Madalyn’s wishes to be left alone. It was during these brief encounters that Madalyn discovered the young man’s curiosity was not to be denied but that he had an unusually large sexual appetite and drive to match. His determination to fill both his curiosity and his sexual needs overcame Madalyn’s determination to remain chaste.

MC’s continued display of concern and kindness to help Madalyn finally overcame her reluctance to his advances. Madalyn very slowly allowed MC to take advantage of her chastity and at first she engaged in a few minor sexual activities. As time progressed she became more active in those sexual encounters. In fact she started using their sexual activities as a controlling force on MC. It is possible that MC did not succumb to those controls due his extremely high sex drive plus the fact that every woman he met became addicted to his rather large male appendage. The women all enjoyed his inhibited sexual actions and looked forward to the encounters.

It is very possible that this behavior on his part plus his kindness altered Madalyn’s personality to the point where she may betray her demon and church and become a kind, loving person.

That being said on to the story.

A year has passed since Saint Dame University and church have been destroyed in a hurricane. Father Matthews has embarked on a visit to Eve Cathedral and Madalyn has moved into the living quarters of the church. The demon, Daemalius, has also taken up residence in the basement of the church where he prowls the halls.

Madalyn apparently is secretly searching the church’s underground living quarters, basement and crypt facilities for an unknown object or the location of an event that occurred in the distant past.

Our hero, MC, found on his visit to reacquaint himself with his home town found when he met Madalyn that for a nun she is not that sociable. When MC introduced himself to her she abruptly moved to force him out of the church.

MC, following in his late father’s footsteps, is at the beginning of his career as a treasure hunter. He has taken to wandering around the city meeting the new residents and catching up with his old friends. In his wandering and his searches of the local park and its vast jungle he has met several interesting people.

One of the more interesting people he met is a midget named Ash who claims to be a paparazzi that has come to town to photograph a newly arrived celebrity, Sofia Vesper, who also happens to be a famous treasure hunter. Once befriended Ash has become a reliable source of information for MC.

Ash had asked MC for assistance in getting past Madalyn and into the church to be in a better position to take candid photos of Sofia. While assisting Ash MC noticed strange things were happening in the church and being the curious person he is; he managed to sneak into the church’s basement, find a key to a locked chamber. Just as he entered the chamber a cold spell ran through his body and he thought he saw something unnatural.

Almost as soon as he made that discovery Madalyn found him in the chamber. That particular chamber was not open to the public and Madalyn escorted him out of that area with little explanation of what MC thought he saw. Madalyn attempts to keep to the church and has very little to do with anyone else or with the town.

MC’s curiosity has been aroused and he is determined to find out what is in the church and what Madalyn is really doing there. During another of his not so discreet visits to the church MC found an old map. Upon questioning Madalyn about the map Madalyn told him that the map was a map of the local cave of Jaega and it was incomplete. Although all Madalyn would tell MC was that she needed to find something, she didn’t know what, but if MC found it he would know what it was. Madalyn agreed to pay a reward for any information MC found about or in the caves. She made an agreement with MC for him to add any new areas he found to her map and to be certain to tell her about the discoveries.

As MC’s explorations continued he was finding that the cave held a few artifacts that were eventually determined to be ancient treasures of the Tikpak people. He also found numerous pieces of he lost dead Night Fire crew’s diaries which Madalyn became very interested in reading. MC also became acquainted with the town’s librarian who in the past was also an archaeologist turned thief. She had been caught stealing from her then employer the Eclipse Guild. To save herself Diana became underground buyer of illegal antiquities and passed those items to the guild to illegally resell to buyers around the world. Through his explorations he kept running into a second archaeologist turned treasure hunter. Clare is in the employee of Sofia Vesper and is contracted by Sofia to find Tikpak artifacts that would provide the keys to translating the Tikpak language. However Clare was not looking for clues to the language but was actually searching for the lost Tikpak treasure. Her treasure search was actually being done without Sofia’s knowledge. Clare did not know that Sofia had the treasure hidden secretly in her mansion; but Sofia knew that Clare was not operating within the bounds set by the contract and would act when necessary.

Using tips and clues provided by Ash, Clare and Diana MC continued his explorations. His findings and openings of new areas within the caves and pirate diaries provided him the opportunity to visit and have conversations with Madalyn. Madalyn slowly became pleased with the results of MC’s search that she became more open with him. MC also intruded into places that he was not supposed to be and encountered phantom spirits. When he confronted Madalyn she told him her brother had dies the previous year and his soul was in jeopardy of being lost in the abyss. She then persuaded MC to help her in her search to save her brother’s soul. To save his soul Madalyn asked MC to search Sofia’s treasure room for the bible, the Book of Cambion, of her church. MC was discovered searching the room and Sofia captured him. She used Clare’s misconduct to force MC to assist her in her search for the lost language.

After an enlightening meeting with Sofia MC returned to Madalyn and informed her that Sofia had admitted to being Nadia, he queen of the Night Fire pirates. Madalyn, who had been undergoing a change to a much more pleasant personality suddenly reverted back to her hard evil personality.

Apparently her religious order has been on the hunt for Nadia for hundreds of years and Madalyn has finally found her. At this time Madalyn planned to take MC with her in an attempt to confront Nadia.

However Nadia had become aware of multiple threats to herself and her treasure. Nadia learned of the existence of the nun’s pursuit. She also knew of the presence and potential attempt by one of her former body guards against herself and her treasure. Along with the attempts by MC, Diana and Clare to find the treasure she now had the two other threats to deal with.

In response to these threats Sofia recalled those forces still loyal to her and she took refuge in her mansion. She also dispatched two of her thugs to locate Madalyn. Her plans for Madalyn are unknown at this time.

MC warned Madalyn of Sofia’s searching thugs and MC escorted her to a hiding place in the fort under the lighthouse.

Currently Madalyn is in hiding and planning her next move. Until she reveals her plans we must interrupt our story.

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