Treasure of Nadia – Sofia’s Story (Spoilers!)

Guide to Lore: Sofia’s Story

Sofia’s story begins long ago, in the year 1569 or so, on the night the Crew of the Aakab Kaako, the Night Fire pirates, raided her family home, killed her parents and took her captive.

She did not remain a captive for very long. Using her beauty and intelligence she managed to endear herself with the captain and crew of the ship. As time passed she gained more influence over the ship’s crew and officers.

During one of the voyages of the Aakab Kaako Sofia conceived a plan to not only gain vast wealth but to extract revenge on the crew which destroyed her family. Sofia’s plan was to raid the poorly defended South American city of the Tikpak and take their treasury. Leading the crew of the ship Sofia successfully attacked the town and the pirates managed to plunder the treasury and escape.

However Sofia did not foresee the extreme measures the Tikpak masters- the shaman– would go to recover their treasure. The shaman masters ordered the entire population of the city to man their ships in an attempt to chase down the pirates and recover their stolen wealth.

During the sea chase the shaman placed a death spell on the treasure. The spell would cause any person using the treasure for nefarious ends or for profit would begin to age rapidly ending in death.

The chase ended on the shores of what is now known as Cape Vedra. There the pirates sailed their ship into the immense caverns and grounded the ship. During the ensuing battle all of the pirates became infected with the curse and almost all of the Tikpak died.

[It is believed by this writer that the pirates managed to move the treasure from their disabled ship to a hiding place deeper in the caves. During this move some small part of the treasure was dropped on the cavern and on deep jungle floor allowing for generations to come to find small pieces of the treasure.]

During that battle Nadia managed to escape the wrath of the shaman and discovered what has since been named the Fountain of Youth.

While eluding her pursuers Nadia stumbled upon a tribe of natives and sought refuge within their camp. There she secretly stayed for an unknown number of years but her saga continued.

While the surviving pirates hid in the caves and eventually succumbed to their cursed deaths the Tikpak, that survived the battle sought refuge with another tribe of natives.

The Tikpak with similar build as the natives merged their culture into that with the natives. During that time period the pirate crew and the Tikpak culture disappeared from history.

Several years passed and a successful voyage by the Spanish established a presence on the shore line. The Spanish built a fort on the beach and a church inland. The Spanish named this area Cape Vedra.

Being a time of exploration the Spanish searched the countryside for anything of value. During the search part of the lost treasure of the Tikpak was found scattered around in the jungle and in several rooms of the cave. Being a vast underground cavern the Spanish named the Cave the “Cave of Jaega”.

Without knowledge of the curse or the source of the golden items found in the jungle a few soldiers from the Spanish fort began to collect those treasures.

The collection and hording of the artifacts caused the Spanish soldiers to become cursed. Realizing that something magical was happening to quickly age and kill them they turned to their church and their God for help.

When their prayers went unanswered a few of the soldiers turned from their God and began to worship demons in the hopes that the demons would remove the curse. The movement to demon worship grew to such a point that the demon worshippers left the church that no longer sustained them and they started their own church; the Church of Cambion.

As the power of this church grew the worshippers became more successful in their attempts to raise a demon. The more successful the attempts became the more the members learned and found that the demon they managed to raise would have to possess a human in order to continue to be among them.

During the following years the church believed that only a child born of a dark maned virgin would be an acceptable sacrifice to become the “vessel” for the demon’s human body.

In the year 1588 Nadia’s presence in the native village was exposed and she fled to the church seeking assistance.

When Nadia entered the church and found that a captive maiden, a situation that she, herself, experienced immediately acted to rescue the girl and proceeded toward the fort for safety.

The church members gave chase and thinking Nadia and the girl had managed to get to the fort attacked that fort. It was not recorded if Nadia and the girl ever made it into the fort or if the church members managed to defeat the soldiers and recover their virgin sacrifice.

However Nadia managed once again to escape and went into hiding. Her disappearance and that of the Night Fire pirates along with the Tikpak culture disappeared into legend and myth.

In the year 1738, prior to Nadia’s reappearance, a male child was born to Constance Stone. The child, Thomas Stone, was possessed by the demon Daemaluis. Constance was then anointed the Mother of the Church.

The beliefs of the church were such that only a male child could become true vessel to carry the demon into human form. That belief and the demon’s now powerful influence on the church caused the members to elect Thomas Stone as the First Priest of the Church of Cambion. One of the canons of the church was that only a male child could bear the pure seed needed to create a new “vessel” for the demon to possess when the current carrier aged and died.

Documents obtained from the now destroyed Saint Dame church record that Thomas Stone died in 1821 and has been replaced by three other new born children: Johnathon Ford in 1821, Charles Hewitt in 1876 and Francis Parker in 1940.

It is rumored that Father Parker was killed as an innocent bystander in a gunfight between high ranking personnel of both Saint Dame University and East State University, Rumor also has Saint Dame’s security forces and an East State University student known only by his first name of Brad were somehow involved in the shooting. The police have not been able to identify any other relevant information and that case is still under investigation.

Father Parker was accidently killed kin the year previous to this year and his devoted sister, Mother Superior Madalyn Rose moved to the church in Cape Vedra. Thee she has temporarily replaced Father Matthews to care for the church in his absence.

In the past few days it has been rumored that for famed treasure hunter Sofia Vesper is actually the 450 year old Nadia. Since anyone living to be 450 years old is an impossibility these rumors are being labeled as false and no weight is being given to them.

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