Trepang2 – Final Boss Tips

How to Kill The Final Boss

He doesn’t have any stamina, he attacks with heavily telegraphed moves. He’ll try to hyperspeed towards you or stealth towards you. If he reaches you, he’ll perform a quick uppercut.

Sometimes he will stop and glow orange, this is the wind up for his charge attack where he instantly charges towards you and deals heavy damage.

Sometimes He will stop and glow purple. Not even sure what this attack is because it’s so rare but he seems to throw something at you.

You can slide jump twice on a single stamina bar, but it’s unnecessary for the fight. His simple uppercut can be avoided by sliding away, his charge can be avoided by sliding sideways, and his throw can be avoided by moving into cover.

If you ever run out of stamina, you’re moving wrong. You can kill each phase with 2-4 assault rifle mags or 3-5 shotgun shells. There are no shotgun shells in the arena but there are like 20+ rifle mags in there. Running out of ammo is an accuracy issue. He should go down very quickly.

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