Trepang2 – How to Get Past The Enforcer

How to Deal with The Enforcer

Either approach with cloak then slide away to the floor he isn’t on or slide close to him when he’s looking the wrong way then use cloak to escape.

He’ll destroy walls and barrels with his suppressive fire so it’s best to just break line-of-sight by moving to a different floor.

You can also look over the railing when he’s on the lower floor and get easy hits sometimes.

If he spots you and fires as you’re approaching don’t stay to attack, just get away and try again from another direction.

Also don’t get greedy if you manage to sneak up without him seeing you. Just shoot him once or twice at very close range with the shotgun for high damage and then leave immediately.


  1. Hit and run, alternate between first and second floor to break line of sight so his minigun doesnt melt you, when his armor breaks use bullet time to whittle down the rest of his health at close range.

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