ULTRAKILL – How to Beat Malicious Face (Maurices)

How to Kill Malicious Face Demon

The Whipslam

  • Charge the Overpump Shotgun to 3 out of 4.
  • Whiplash the Malicious Face.
  • Shoot + Punch with the Knuckleblaster + hold W, then jump roughly 0.2s after slam!


Any arm can suffice, it’s just that with the Feedbacker, you’d result in many accidental projectile boosts.

You hold W after the ‘shotpunch’ so that you can climb over the Malicious Face to be able to reach a point on its body where you can safely jump. Not holding W would bounce you away or make you walljump off the Malicious Face at best.

If you’re struggling at landing the slam, try whiplashing while closer to the Malicious Face’s vertical position (basically just don’t whiplash from too low or too high).

To practice, you can first try out doing a whipslam but without the jump, so you get a feel for when the jump is possible. You’ll notice that after a small interval of holding W, your forward speed will suddenly snap to something like your base walkspeed. Once that is reached, you can safely jump. After jumping, you slam. If you’re not slamming onto the Malicious Face properly then just time your slam to be earlier or later.

If all this is done, you can kill a Malicious Face in half a second, and you won’t get diminishing style for spam since ur killing with the slam

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