USC: Counterforce – Useful Tips

Tips for Newcomers

A way to tell what difficulty you are on during operations when you click on the mission list it wont tell you… It will tell you on a single mission but on operations you cant tell unless you complete the operation and then it will tell you on the score screen you also can tell by how difficult the enemies are but still just simply telling the player would be nice.

Maybe a little icon on the top of your characters if their gun currently has no ammo or perhaps highlight the portrait in Red to signify current equipped weapon has no ammo sometimes they run out and I move them thinking they have some when they need to reload its not a big deal and its the player fault for making the mistake but still could be a nice quality of life change.

A button that just sells all items and resets all squad points for the whole squad a warning should pop up when you click it though just for the chance you clicked it by mistake.

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