V Rising – Helpful Building Tips

Controls and Building Tips


  • Deconstruct = Spacebar.
  • Move = Left Mouse Button.
  • Repair = R.

Building Tips:

Rules for removing borders:

  • All your borders must maintain an unbroken path to your heart
  • You must remove all buildings and walls touching the border you want to remove

Rules for moving your castle heart to another location within your base:

  • The castle heart cannot be placed on a border or floor tile.
  • The castle heart must remain adjacent to a border/floor tile and no borders/floors can become disconnected in the move.

Rules for moving your castle:

  • You must remove all items from buildings that can hold them.
  • You must deconstruct from outermost tile inward, keeping a path to your heart at all times.
  • Make sure all borders have been removed.
  • You must deconstruct your heart last, and make sure to remove all blood essence from it.

Rules for creating a roof:

  • You must enclose the entire space with stone walls, window frames, door frames and/or doors. (Check for wooden door frames especially).
  • You must complete the entire floor.

Getting to the next tier of ingots:

  • To mine Iron you need any Merciless Copper weapon.
  • To mine Dark Silver you need any Merciless Iron weapon or a General’s Soul Reaper.
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