V Rising – Ultimate Guide to a PvP Base

Are you tired of getting raided? Do the sweaty tryhards that tell you that raiding is in favour of the defenders make you mad? Do you want to not be?


Base defense has changed quite a bit with Gloomrot, castle stacking used to be the norm, but with the addition of territories that’s no longer possible. Instead, only a select few territories allow for “soft” castle stacking, but since most reasonable servers will ban this practice, I’ll primarily focus on building a strong single castle. I will cover it briefly at the end, however, along with a disgusting tactic which will make you happy about your lack of an afterlife.

General Information

What’s your favourite word? Incorrect, honeycombs is your favourite word. Everything in the entire base should be honeycombed. They prevent enemy movement while allowing you to move freely, the exception is the entrance to your servant room, which you’ll use the large doors for, to release them quicker.

Note: In my showcase of the different tactics they will not be honeycombed for easier visibility.

Stair Abuse

Stairs are indestructible, and as such make for fine defensive structures. They can only be placed as long as they have a path to the ground, and aren’t touching another stair (even diagonally). Along with these restrictions a few others have been hard coded to prevent actually unraidable bases.

This is one of my favourite base spots due to how close it is to cave passages, along with being in Farbane- making it easy to grab. As such I’ll be showcasing this base spot.

An important part of a good base defense is a platform which you use to engage the golem. The key is to prevent the golem from breaching safely, you want to force it into an uncomfortable position- where you can easily kill it to prevent breach.

Preventing breach should be your central objective, and your base should be built as such.

Here, the golem will be forced to go up the stairs, and then to stand next to the stairs on the right. Since stairs can’t be destroyed, they can’t trigger breach. Once the golem is in that position you can unload bombs, ultimates, reaper e’s, and, of course, servants.

You’ll need to think like the raiders when figuring out the correct stair placement, your goal should be to force them to go through as many walls as possible- while forcing them to go through the servants and tombs.

Only let the servants out if you really need it though, once they’re out you lose a major trumph card.

Defense Tactics

I will keep this section brief due to having gone through some of it earlier.

If you trust you have the advantage and are better than the raiders, then you should consider bringing the fight to the attackers immediately. Otherwise, spamming death knights and mosquitos from a safe place is highly effective if you consider the risk. Just remember to switch to a more effective build once you engage.

Also, building over your platform provides you with shade while you fight, restricts the raider’s vision (preventing them from accurately using ranged attacks), and makes you look cool through having the high ground (courtesy of Royeen).

Something you should also consider is using tombs and vermin nests. Consider having one of them (preferably tombs with banshees) close to your platform so that you can release them if you need to. Don’t make the mistake of releasing them with the servants, however, as they will fight each other.

Still, both banshees and servants should only be used when you really need to, as they take several minutes to recharge.

Soft Castle Stacking

Double the servants, double the lockboxes, double the pain.

A remnant of pre-Gloomrot, castle stacking forces the raiders to keep two castles in perpetual attack/breach, as the moment one of them stops you can simply resummon servants and take cover in the one which isn’t getting raided. You can even abuse coffin healing like if it was never patched!

This works especially well with the tip at the end of the guide, as it reduces the amunt of resources you can’t stash by a ton.

If you thought two castles weren’t enough.

Decoration Abuse

Usually you wouldn’t care about unlocking anything but merciless weapons, castle flooring, potions, and perhaps wide castle gates that aren’t see-through. But all decorations, especially the endgame ones have one interesting property- they’re really expensive to make- but they can’t be looted by attackers.

This used to be a nonissue since dismantling them used to be a net loss, but with official servers (along with most privates) now having a 100% dismantle return rate this is now something you should abuse, as it now leaves more room in the lockbox for that which cannot be made into glorified stashes.

Keep in mind to only have decorations on floor 3, however, as they can be used to prolong the attack timer.

Lockboxes were a necessary addition


Servants! Their hitpoints were nerfed with Gloomrot- so now you want healing (mostly), and annoying troops who won’t get pinned down.

My ideal servant setup consists of a combination of lightweavers, and clerics. But depending on clan and servant size this can change.

The more teammates you have, the better AOE healing is, and the worse single target (clerics) is. If you’re playing duos, then clerics are going to help immensly for their insane healing output, toughness, and movement.

If the server you play on allows more than 4..? servants (around that number) then I would consider having one or more militia brawlers because of their extremely powerful stun, which either sets the enemy up for combos- or forces an iframe (i.e slasher q, gs e, pistol e, dash), if they’re in the middle of your maze.

In general, these servants are worth using:

  • Clerics (great single-target healing output, movement, and toughness)
  • Lightweavers (great damage output, movement, and very annoying)
  • Nuns (The ones with staves.) (They’re better when you have a high amount of friendly players and or servants due to their AOE high healing. They do lack movement and toughness, however.)
  • Militia Brawlers (decent mobility, a very powerful stunning ability, and decent movement)
  • Devout (decent toughness and decent damage output on a short cooldown, they also tend to overextend less than other servants.)
  • Blue Slave Masters (they blood rage other nearby servants and apply the trippy shroom effect, worth considering if you have a lot of available servant spots.)
  • Priests (bad mobility, and toughness, decent damage, good control and combo well with other servant abilities, like musketeers and brawlers)
  • Musketeer (bad mobiliy, bad toughness high damage that is very hard to strafe, doesn’t overextend.)

In general you should avoid paladins as they’re nothing but damage sponges. That would be a good thing if they had something like a shield, but since all they have is hitpoints without good movement they die quickly to an organized team.

Also avoid anything with fire at all costs, friendly fire (hehe) is a thing.

Knights can be okay, sometimes they really pop off but in general they’ll be worse than the alternative. If you find a fight blood% though… Sadly they tend to overextend, and they’re not very tanky.

Also remember to do your utmost to prevent your servants from getting killed by explosives. Each large explosive deals 50% servant health, and preventing them from shutting all your servants down is extremely important. You can do this by fighting with your servants, instead of using them as disposable minions.

You have the advantage, use it.

Floor Abuse

Remeber to prevent the raider’s vision by building above the platform. It also gives you shade during the day.

This is what your second floor should look like (honeycombed though, of course.)

By not claiming certain parts of your second floor, you’re able to create a maze which forces anyone without a key to go through hell to reach your storage and crafting stations on the second floor.

Not only does this compound the amount of doors they have to go through without a key, even with one traversing the maze takes quite some time if you remebered to remove your castle teleporters once raiding began.

It’s important to make the space between the rows two tiles wide so that they cannot simply skip the maze by bombing the wall on the other side and then proceed to frog jump it.

One floor of this madness is usually enough to deter anyone from raiding without a key- but if the server you play on doesn’t allow keys, or you’re feeling really evil- you can do this on every floor you have available- only leaving the minimum required space needed for all the work stations.

In the Worst Case

Maybe you got raided by teamers, maybe you got very unlucky, maybe some higher level players wanted to bully you- or maybe you’re just bad. No matter the reason, if you fail to defend your castle and are about to lose everything you haven’t managed to stash or prevent from losing (which shouldn’t be a lot), don’t lose hope!

In the time it should take for raiders to find their way to your loot room, make sure all of your teamates fill their inventories with as much loot as they can carry, and then ride off into the sunset with wrangler potions, 100% worker blood (keep better blood on hand though), and a 12 speed vampire horse while the raiders weep over their lost resources and quit the game to go and play Paladins.

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