V4 – Advancement Guide


What is advancing?

Advancing is a content that can develop and grow your current class.

Upgraded stats and weapon appearance, advanced skills and talents are opened.

Advancing is available only to the same type class.

How can I advance?

When reaching Character level 105, Advancement Quests are unlocked.

Advancing is completed when you finish the quests, and an advance info pop-up appears.

*Advancing Quests are in ‘Quest → Request Log → Special Request → Prophecy Realized’.

*Class, weapon appearance, increased stats, attainable skills appear in the Advance info pop-up.

Advancement Quest

Advancement Info Pop-up

Does the Class name change with Advancement?

The class name and symbol changes as below when advancing.

EnchantressArch Enchantress
SlayerBlade Master
KnightLord Knight
GunslingerDual Gunslinger
BoombladeGreat Boomblade
ArcherSylphid Archer
AssassinFatal Assassin
MaestroGrand Maestro
ReaperMystic Reaper

What happens to normal attack, class skill and talents when advancing?

1) Normal Attack

  • The motion and display of normal attack changes after advancement.
  • The damage of normal attack becomes stronger as well.

2) Skill

  • When advancing, the Active, Passive, Class skills for advancement are unlocked, and some skillbooks are given.
  • After, you can learn skills using advancement skillbooks earned through hunting and etc.
  • Advanced skills can be found at the left of original class skills in skill slots.

3) Talent

  • Advanced talents are opened when advancing.
  • 1 Talent point is given for each character level growth after advancement.
  • You can upgrade the talent level in [Talent] → [Job Advancement Talent].

Can I still use skillbooks acquired before advancement?

  • If you advanced with character bound skillbooks, you can still use those skillbooks if the skill is below the max level.
  • If the skill has reached the max level, you can use them in skill mastery or sell unbound skillbooks.

Are the Advancement quests separate from Alliance Journey quests?

  • Advancement quests and Alliance Journey quests are completely different quests and thus are completed separately.

What is the weapon appearance obtained with advancement?

  • You can acquire ‘Supernova’ weapon appearance when advancing.

*Supernova weapon appearance effect: Crit Hit 500, Crit DMG 10%

  • Also, the weapon appearance effects can be determined separately.
  • Stats increased by weapon appearance are shown by a ‘Weapon Icon’, and those increased by costume are shown by a ‘Costume Icon’.
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