V4 – Auto-Gathering / Mount & Pet Summons Guide


  • Automatically acquire gatherables in the region.
  • Tap [Auto-Gather] to automatically gather from your surroundings.
  • Tap [Auto-Gather] again to cancel.

Summoning a Pet

  • Go on an adventure with a reliable pet. Pets can increase your character’s stats.
  • Auto-Summon
  • Tap [Summon] to summon pets from the menu.
  • You can automatically summon a pet if you have a pet scroll.
  • When the pet’s summon time expires, the scroll will automatically summon them again.
  • You can turn auto-summon off and on from the Game tab in Settings.


  • Travel further and more quickly by riding a mount.
  • Riding a Mount
  • Register a mount in the menu to ride it.
  • When you’re not in battle, tap the [Ride Mount] button to get on the registered mount.
  • Enter a battle or tap the [Ride Mount] button again to cancel.

While riding a mount, the button at the bottom right of the screen allows you to sprint at high speed for a set amount of time when the gauge is full.

Sprint duration and cooldown depend on the mount’s grade. Swapping mounts won’t make your sprint cooldown any faster—cooldown is shared between all mounts.

You can set sprint to be used automatically when the gauge is full.

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