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Batra Labyrinth

Batra Labyrinth

The Batra Labyrinth is a realm dungeon where Captains with similar Combat Power.

can gather to hunt, defeat bosses, join parties, go on battles, and experience so much more.

Select a dungeon that’s ideal for you in the multi-floored Batra Labyrinth, get new rewards, and experience something new!

Every week, you must personally select a dungeon in order to enter and play in that dungeon.

Once a dungeon has been chosen, you will only be able to enter and exit that specific dungeon. You won’t be able to enter floors that you did not choose.

*Entry is available for characters Lv 110 or higher.

Labyrinth Period of Use

The time to access the Batra Labyrinth is reset every Thursday at 4:00 AM, and accounts in each server have a base of 7 hours.

If you have used all available base usage time, you can use a Batra Labyrinth Recharge Ticket to recharge your usage period and continue playing in the Batra Labyrinth.

How to Enter

Entry Path #1

You can enter the Batra Labyrinth through the Door of Hospitality from the portal placed on the Narzik Shore in the Syllunas region. After that, you will be able to enter the chosen dungeon via NPC Riffel.

Entry Path #2

  • 1) Via [Menu] – [Realm Battle] – [Batra Labyrinth], use Auto-Move or Teleport to move to the Batra Labyrinth lobby. Once there,

You will be able select and enter a dungeon through the dungeon NPC, Riffel.

  • 2) Once a dungeon has been chosen via [Menu] – [Realm Battle] – [Batra Labyrinth], the Assign Dungeon button will immediately change to an Enter button.

When that happens, you can enter by paying with Red Gems instead of having to move to the Batra Labyrinth lobby.

How to enter other dungeons apart from your chosen dungeon

You can only enter and exit the dungeon you chose.

The chosen dungeon will be marked.

However, if you wish to enter a dungeon other than the one you chose, you must first cancel the dungeon you initially chose in order to select a new dungeon.

*You can choose a dungeon once a week for free.

*After you have chosen the dungeon once for free, you can use Red Gems to change your designated dungeon for up to 3 times. However, the cost will increase each time you choose a dungeon.

Summon Boss

A variety of experiences will be available in the dungeon you chose, such as hunting, parties, and defeating bosses.

You can summon a boss from NPC Hugin on each floor with Herazma’s Pipe, which you can acquire based on a set probability.

You can acquire server buffs and items by defeating the boss.

Bosses can be summoned from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Give Herazma’s Pipe to NPC Hugin, who is located at the Room for Everyone on each floor, to summon a boss.

Once a boss is summoned you can defeat it alongside all the other Captains.

Batra Labyrinth Main Rewards

You can acquire Sacred Eldon Gear crafting material, Normal – Rare Slate Pieces, Skill Secrets, Transcendence Clues, and more from the Batra Labyrinth.

Upon defeating the Batra Labyrinth boss, the server with the Top Contributor will receive a Gold Earn buff. (Info regarding the main rewards can be found in-game.)

Batra Slate

Batra Slate Piece

A slate piece is an equippable item that can be acquired from the Batra Labyrinth.

*Slate pieces are tradable, but they cannot be put in storage.

*Certain slate pieces that are acquired as (Bound) items will be ineligible for trading.

The slates you own can be viewed via [Menu] – [Bag]’s 6th tab, [Batra Slate].

Slate Piece

Slate pieces are given 1 to 4 stats based on a set probability.

*Normal – Fine slate pieces are given 1 to 3 stats. Rare slate pieces are given 2 to 4 stats.

Small Batra Slate Pieces occupy 1 slot in the Batra Slate.

*You can acquire small Batra slate pieces from Batra Labyrinth Floor 1 or above.

Medium Batra Slate Pieces occupy 2 slots in the Batra Slate. They grant higher stats than Small Batra Slate Pieces.

There is a higher chance of acquiring the maximum number of traits compared to Small Batra Slate Pieces.

*You can acquire medium Batra slate pieces from Batra Labyrinth Floor 2 or above.

Large Batra Slate Pieces occupy 3 slots in the Batra Slate and have the highest stats.

There is a higher chance of acquiring the maximum number of traits compared to Medium Batra Slate Pieces. You can acquire all traits of a certain grade or higher.

*You can acquire large Batra slate pieces from Batra Labyrinth Floor 3 or above.

How to Equip and Unequip


You can select pieces to equip via [Menu] – [Bag] – [Batra Slate] – [Equip Slate].

*When you equip a slate piece, your character’s stats will increase based on the stats that were granted to you.

  • Select a Batra Slate Piece you want to equip → Tap the piece’s [Equip] button → Equipped to the displayed slate


The equipped slate piece can be unequipped via [Menu] – [Batra Slate] – [Equip Piece].

*From the [Equip Piece] tab, select the slate piece that you wish to unequip → Tap the piece’s [Unequip] button

*If your bag does not have enough space, you will be unable to unequip slate pieces.


Available via [Menu] – [Batra Slate] – [Dismantle Piece].

Dismantle slate pieces to acquire Broken Slate Pieces by grade.

  • 1) Enter [Menu] – [Batra Slate] – [Dismantle Slate].
  • 2) Go to your [Bag] to check the pieces that can be dismantled and select the piece you wish to dismantle.
  • 3) Check the slate piece you intend to dismantle and tap [Dismantle] to dismantle the piece.

*A certain amount of Gold is needed to dismantle pieces.

*You can acquire Broken Slate Pieces from dismantled slate pieces.

*When dismantling slate pieces, you acquire Broken Slate Pieces of the same grade.

*Broken Slate Pieces can be registered as material when attempting to craft a Slate Chest via Crafting.

Dismantle All Slate Pieces

If you use the Dismantle All function, all slate pieces you own will be dismantled.

You can register and dismantle pieces you have in your bag.

You can dismantle slate pieces by grade via Settings.


Dismantled slate pieces cannot be restored, so please be sure to double check before dismantling any slate pieces.

*Up to 20 slate pieces can be dismantled at a time via the Dismantle All Slate Pieces function.

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