V4 – Battles Guide


Battle UI

1,2) Nearby Target UI

  • Expands and collapses the nearby target list.
  • Tap the list to see info on the target.

3) Emote

Tap an icon to make your character perform that action.

4) Camera

Tap to change camera view.

5) Demon Hunter Transformation

When activated, tap to transform into a Demon Hunter.

6) Character Status

Displays the character’s HP, MP, etc.

7) Tendency Info

  • Upon eliminating 20 monsters: +1 point
  • Upon killing player characters: -5 points
  • Chaotic: All monsters become aggressive.

8) Share Target

  • When you create a party, the Share Target button will appear.
  • Party Leader: After targeting an opponent, tap this button to share the target with your party.
  • Party Members: If a shared target is within 30m, tap this button to target it.

9) Change Target Tab

  • Tap the Tab button to change targets.
  • Only targets opponents that can be attacked (depending on settings).

10) Auto-Battle Mode

  • Tap to change battle modes.
  • Modes: Auto, Manual

Skills and Controls

1) Available Skills

2) Skills on Cooldown

3) Empty Slots (unacquired or unequipped skills)

4) Enhance Skill Energy (Enchantress, Slayer, Gunslinger)

Energy types and amounts are different for each character.

5) Unique Skill Energy (Enchantress, Warlord, Knight)

Energy types and amounts are different for each character.

6) Unique Skills

Unique skills work differently for each character.

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