V4 – Character Info Guide

Character Info

Character UI

1) Character View

  • Shows a model of your character.
  • You can rotate and zoom in/out on your character.

2) Character Info

  • Provides a succinct breakdown of your character’s info.
  • Class, ID, guild, CP, ATK, DEF, HP

3) Equipped Gear

Shows the gear currently equipped by the character.

4) Character Stats

Shows all of the character’s stats.

5) Info Tabs

There are three tabs – My Info, Progress, and Bag.

6) My Info

  • Shows summaries on your guild, last rank, tendency, mission progress, and quest info.
  • Tap the arrow next to each info item to go see more details.


1) Combat Power

Shows the character’s current CP.

2) Standard of Measurement Button

  • Sets the standard of measurement for viewing your character’s progress.
  • Current Level: Measures your progress based on your current level.
  • Final Level: Measures your progress compared to your final level.

3) Progress

  • Based on the standard of measurement, you can see your progress in each area.
  • Displays both a gauge and a percentage.
  • Tap the arrow button to the right of each gauge to visit the menu for that improvement area.


Shows the contents of the character’s bag.

View Demon Hunter

  • This button allows you to view your character as a demon hunter.
  • Tap the button again to return to your character’s normal state.
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