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  • You can imprint Star Pieces in Constellations to increase your character’s stats.
  • Earn ‘Star Pieces’ using Mysterious Meteors dropped in field hunting.
  • Shining Mysterious Meteor(Normal~Rare): Rec. CP 290,000 and above regions
  • Radiant Mysterious Meteor(Normal~Epic): Rec. CP 290,000 and above regions

How to Imprint Constellations

  • You can unlock slots using gold to imprint Constellations.
  • A random Stat is applied when a slot is unlocked, and you can imprint the Constellation.
  • Character Stats increase according to the applied stat if you imprint a Star Piece matching the stat of the opened slot.
  • Available Stats and values differ according to used Star Piece element type and grade. The option value is applied randomly within the allowed grade value.
  • Each slot can be unlocked regardless of order, and requires a certain amount of gold.
  • Constellation pages can be used by order when all previous page slots are unlocked.
  • Constellation page unlocking requires gold as well.

(1) Unlocking Slots

Star Piece slots can be unlocked by touching the [Unlock] button.

(2) After unlocking Slot

  • When the slot is unlocked, you can check the Star Piece that can be imprinted in the slot.
  • The Star Piece list that matches the activated slot appears when touching the activated slot, and you can only imprint Star Pieces in the list.

(Ex) You can imprint only Earth Star Pieces in Earth Slots.

(3) Imprinting Star Pieces

  • Select your owned Star Piece by touching the Slot and touch the [Imprint] button.
  • Imprint cost(gold) differs according to the used Star Piece grade.

Star Piece Re-Imprinting

  • You can change the applied Star using a new Star Piece, even if the unlocked slot is already imprinted.
  • The updated effect is applied only when pressing ‘Okay’, and the previously applied Star Piece effect is removed.
  • If the new option is not suitable, you can ‘Undo’ to the previously imprinted effect.

Star Piece Slot Change

  • You can use the [Shot Change] button if more than one slot is opened.
  • If you use [Slot Change] when multiple slots are opened, all slot elements are changed. Hence if there is a slot that you would prefer not changed, you must lock it.
  • If there is at least one locked slot in the page, you need a ‘Star Piece Slot Mod Ticket’ which is dropped in regions with rec. CP 730,000 and above.
  • Previously imprinted Star Piece effects are removed when changing Slot.
  • The necessary number of ‘Star Piece Slot Mod Tickets’ differs according to the number of locked slots.
  • [Slot Change] button is not activated if all open slots are locked.
  • You can Lock slots by pressing the Constellation Slot → Lock button at the left top of details.

Star Piece Combination

  • If you own more than 3 Star Pieces of the same grade, you can combine the Star Pieces to acquire a same or higher grade Star Piece by chance.
  • Imprinted Star Pieces cannot be used as Combination material, and you can only use Star Pieces in your Bag.

Constellation Set Effect

  • Set effects with additional stats are applied according to the imprinted Star Piece combination.
  • All slots within the Slot page should be imprinted, and the set effect is activated when meeting the requirements, as imprinting the same Star Pieces or imprinting Star Pieces with different Grades.
  • You can check the applied Set Effect in Menu → [Constellation] → [Set Effect] tool tip icon.
  • Only 1 highest Set effect is applied..

When Star Pieces with different Elements and same Grades are imprinted

When Same Element slots are imprinted with Same Grade Star Pieces

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