V4 – Costumes Guide


What is a Costume?

Costumes are Appearance items that change a character’s clothes.

You can purchase costumes in [V4 Shop] – ‘Costume Shop’.

Helpful buffs are also given with Costumes.

What is a Boutique?

You can check your owned Costumes in [Menu] → [Boutique] and apply their effects and looks.

If you apply the costume in Apply Appearance the original gear are not shown.

*Costumes can be shared in Accounts and can be applied together if you own a same class character in the same account.

However, you cannot apply costumes for different classes.

Boutique details are as follows.

1Apply EffectThe Costume Effects are applied.*Equipped Gear are shown if you apply the Costume only on Apply Effect.
2Apply AppearanceCostume Appearance is applied.
3Owned OutfitsYou can check your owned Costumes.
4AppearanceYou can move to Change Appearance.
* You need Appearance Mod Ticket to change appearance.
5Costume ShopYou can move to Costume Shop.
6LookThe character looks at the camera.
7WeaponDisplay or Hide your weapon in the Boutique.
8Display/Hide Hair DecorDisplay or hide your hair décor.
* Function application may differ per Costume.
* The chosen effect is applied to outside the Boutique as well.

Can I use only one Costume?

A Costume can be applied in ‘Apply Appearance’ and ‘Apply Effect’, and you can apply one Costume in both slots.

‘Apply Appearance’ changes your character appearance to the chosen outfit.

  • Hair, outfit, shoes, gloves, cloak are all changed.
  • Some costumes allow display/hide through the Hair Décor icon.

Using only ‘Apply Appearance’ does not apply the costume effect.

Using only ‘Apply Effect’ does not display the costume appearance.

  • You can check the costume effect by touching the owned outfit or the See more icon in the Costume Shop.

The Application status of costumes is shown as below.

Apply Appearance

Apply Effect

Apply Both

Outfit Dye

What is Dye Outfit?

You can change your purchased outfit using Dye.

What is a Dye?

You can purchase dye in [V4 Shop]. Each color has a grade.

Details are as follows:

  • Some Dye items can be traded in Trading Post.
  • A Dye category is added to Bag so you can check your owned colors.
  • Dye items can be locked per color.
  • Dye items can be stored.
  • Dye items do not affect bag weight or room.
  • Dye items cannot be discarded or sold.

How can I dye outfits?

Outfits can be dyed per part in [Menu] → [Boutique] → [Dye Outfit].

Owned outfit list and registration

  • Your owned/applied outfit list is shown.

*You can choose the outfit you would like to dye.

Color Palette

  • Your owned dye colors are shown in the form of a palette.

Choose part to dye

  • Dyeable parts of the registered outfit are shown, and you can dye the outfit by choosing the part to dye.

Choose color

  • Choose your desired color from the palette after selecting the part to dye.

*Unowned colors can be chosen, but only for preview.

Undo color

  • The Undo button changes the outfit to the basic state.

Apply Dye

  • Touch [Dye] button to dye the outfit.

*You need ‘Bleach’ to change the outfit color to the base color.

Can I crate a new color?

  • You can create your own color by combining dye.
  • You can use 3 dyes regardless of grade to create 1 dye, and may acquire dyes of all grades.
  • You can combine dyes of different grades.
  • You can acquire Normal ~ Epic grade dye regardless of the material grade.

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