V4 – Dimensional Brawl Guide

Dimensional Brawl

What is Dimensional Brawl?

2~3 servers are randomly matched and compete for points earned by killing monsters or opposing players

The server that reaches the goal points wins.

I want to participate in Dimensional Brawl.

Dimensional Brawl includes Delegate Battle that hosts CP Rank 1~100 among applied Captains and Normal Battle that hosts Rank 101~200.

When you can register in Dimensional Brawl the below icon appears.

The Icon appears only when you meet two conditions.

  • Dimensional Brawl content unlocked
  • Dimensional Brawl application period opened

*If Dimensional Brawl is not unlocked the icon does not appear during application period.

How can I enter Dimensional Brawl?

The Application Button changes to Enter Button if you can enter Dimensional Brawl.

The icon disappears if the application period ends.

*If the Enter icon appears when the content can be entered, the icon disappears when the content ends.

Application Period[Server Time] Every Monday 00:00 ~ Friday 17:00
* Condition: Character LV 70 
*Up to CP Rank 200 among applicants are confirmed as final participants
Dimensional Brawl DateDelegate/Normal Battle opens at the same time
[Server Time] Every Saturday 17:00 ~ 17:55

*The final participants for Normal/Delegate battle are confirmed on Friday 17:00 according to CP Rank.

*You can check the participants in ‘Application Status’ in Dimensional Brawl.

I want to know how the Dimensional Brawl is held.

When Dimensional Brawl begins, the final participants can enter the Dimensional Brawl map and participate in the battle.

After entering the map, you enter the waiting zone. When the battle begins the barrier goes down.

The server that reaches the goal points first wins.

If all servers do not reach the goal points, the server with a higher score wins.

*Goal points appear when entering Dimensional Brawl and can be altered when necessary.

The map and starting location of each team are as below.

1Final BossKarnaph
2Middle BossDimensional Marauder
3Special NamedPaumon
4Special NamedBippu, Kadus

(Ex) Boss Karnaph

You can acquire points as below.

How to AcquirePointsDetail
Kill opposing player30Player who made final strike earns points
Player Kill assist15Highest contributor except for player with last strike
Player Kill streak2Consecutive player kills without being killed
Eliminate Normal Monster1Player who made final strike earns points
Eliminate Elite Monster20Player who made final strike earns points

Eliminate Special Named Monster (Points: 100)

All expeditors earn buff when eliminating Special Named Monster

Buff Types:

  • A. Shout of Victory – Additional Boss ATK when eliminating special named monster Paumon
  • B. Boss Hunter – 2 additional points per monster elimination for 3 minutes when eliminating special named monster Bippu
  • C. Border Focus – Additional PvP ACC (5,000) and pierce(10) for 5 minutes when eliminating special named monster Kadus

Eliminate Dimensional Marauder

Points given in order of contribution

  • Rank 1: 1,000
  • Rank 2~10: 100

Eliminate Karnaph

Points given in order of contribution

  • Rank 1: 2,000
  • Rank 2: 1,500
  • Rank 3: 1,000
  • Rank 4~10: 500
  • Rank 11~100: 100

*Dimensional Marauder appears 10, 20 minutes after the Dimensional Brawl begins, and Karnaph appears after 35 minutes.

A pop-up appears 30 seconds before appearance.

  • Normal, Elite monsters respawn after a certain amount of time.
  • ‘Shout of Victory’ buff can be applied, and up to 5 buffs can be overlapped.
  • The Buffs are applied only in the Dimensional Brawl map.

Please note.

  • You cannot teleport into the Brawl Map.
  • Lunatra Region Boss buff and Halidom Buff are not applied.
  • PK in the Brawl Map is not shown in PvP records and do not affect tendencies.
  • There are no penalties for deaths in Dimensional Brawl.
  • Killing captains from the same server does not give points.
  • If you are killed in Dimensional Brawl, you revive with 100% HP.

How can I get the Rewards?

All participants are given rewards according to individual rank and winning/losing servers get additional rewards.

Individual rank rewards are determined according to individual points, and server rewards are given to all winning/losing servers.

Enter [Menu] → [Dimensional Brawl] → [Reward] to check details about the rewards.

*Reward details may be changed.

How can I recognize other servers in Dimensional Brawl?

Different alphabets and colors are assigned to each server.

What is the penalty for not entering Dimensional Battle?

  • If you do not participate in the applied content after the participants are finalized,
  • All characters of the account cannot apply to the content for 1 week.
  • You should enter the map before Dimensional Brawl ends.

*Entering the Brawl after map entry is still open for a few minutes after the Brawl ends is not counted as entering.

How can I check the penalties for not entering Dimensional Brawl?

  • A pop-up appears when applying for Dimensional Brawl during penalty period.

Does the already applied penalty period decrease if the penalty period changes later?

  • The penalty is applied according to the first application time.

Ex) If the first application was 3 Seasons of penalty, you cannot enter for 3 Seasons even if the period is later changed to 1 Season.

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