V4 – Dimensional Shifts Guide

Dimensional Shifts

Use dimensional shifts to visit Lunatra, where you can meet players from your own and other servers.

How to Visit Lunatra

Complete Alliance Journey Chapter 4, Episode 2 – Millia’s Dire News to unlock the gate leading to Lunatra.

  • Players can change dimensions through the Lunatra dimensional gate at the dimensional boundary.
  • The dimensional boundary is connected to the beautiful resting place in Dellanor Forest.
  • Each dimensional gate leads to a corresponding server.

Dimensional Rifts

  • The dimensional gate to your own server is usually available.
  • When a dimensional rift occurs, gates that lead to different servers become available.

Dimensional Shift Closed

Dimensional Shift Open

Region Boss Domination Effects

  • The guild of the player who contributed the most when defeating a region boss in Lunatra receives special benefits.
  • You can view Lunatra Region Boss Domination info on the region map.
  • Lunatra Region Boss Domination benefits are as follows:
  • Players who receive Domination effects can find detailed info on the buffs from the Guild screen.

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