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Dominion Rush

Dominion Rush: the Basics

Dominion Rush’s ‘Regular Season’ will begin after the November 10th maintenance.

In Dominion Rush, server guilds compete to capture Yukabi Desert, Dekus Volcano, Viten Highlands, and Tollan Lagoon camps.

Select a camp to bid for its capture. Then 3 guilds with successful bids can compete in Dominion Rush.

Only guilds that declare their intent to participate can bid and recruit mercenaries.

*Details about recruiting mercenaries can be found below.

Up to 4 guilds (1 defending guild, 3 attacking guilds) can participate per game.

*The first rush includes 3 attacking guilds, but no defending guild.

Camps are divided into three different sizes: Metropolis (L), Fortress (M), and Camp (S), each with their own rewards.

Declaring Intent to Participate

Once they have declared their intent to participate, attacking teams can bid.

Guild captains/vice-captains can declare their intent to participate in Dominion Rush, but only guilds Lv.8 or higher can bid.

*Period to declare intent to participate: Wednesday 12 AM – Start of bidding

Please Note: If you don’t declare intent to participate, you will be unable to recruit mercenaries or bid for Dominion Rush.

Declaring Intent to Participate – Attacking Teams

  • Guild captains/vice-captains can declare their intent to participate. Then they can recruit mercenaries.
  • If a guild member is a mercenary for another guild at the time, they will automatically withdraw.
  • If a guild member is waiting to join another guild as a mercenary at the time, their request will be automatically canceled.

*Participating in Dominion Rush for affiliated guilds will be prioritized.

Declaring Intent to Participate – Defending Team

  • Once the declaration period starts, defending teams are automatically included.
  • Once the guilds have declared, affiliated guild members can’t apply to be mercenaries.

*Guild members from defending teams can’t apply to be mercenaries for other guilds.

  • Any mercenary applications that guild members made prior to declaration will be automatically canceled.
  • Any mercenaries added from other guilds prior to declaration will automatically withdraw.

*Participating in Dominion Rush for affiliated guilds will be prioritized.

How to Bid

Bidding for all camps is conducted simultaneously. Guild captains can place bids.

Initial bid amounts may vary depending on the size of the camp.

Declare Intent to ParticipateEvery Wednesday 12 AM – Thursday 11:59 PM
Request to BidPreliminary Bidding: Every Friday 12 AM – 11 PM
Final Bidding: Every Friday 11 PM – 11:30 PM
* Entry Requirements: Guild Lv 8 or higher / Guild Captain’s Character Lv 70 or higher
ScheduleEvery Saturday 10 AM: Yukabi Desert, Dekus Volcano
Every Sunday 10 AM: Viten Highlands, Tollan Lagoon
​* Viten Highlands – Upper Stonde Campsite, Lower Stonde Campsite
Hest’s Demonstration site, Mortal Bastion, Demon Sweep Supply Area
Will be held Saturday 10 PM
  • Guild captains select the camp they wish to bid for via [Menu] → [Dominion Rush].
  • Once the camp has been selected and the guild captain has requested a bid, guild members can support the bid with Gold.

The guilds with the three highest bids may participate as Attacking teams in Dominion Rush.

*Guilds who bid for the same camp will be in direct competition, and guild members may support the bid using their own Gold.

*Guild members over Character Lv 70 may support bids, but only 24 hours after they have joined the guild.

*A guild member’s bidding history may be viewed via [Menu] → [Dominion Rush] → [Guild Member Bid Record]

Preliminary Bidding
Every Friday 12 AM– 11 PM
The 10 Guilds with the highest preliminary bids will proceed to Final Bidding.
* The top 3 Guilds may not forfeit their bids.
Final Bidding
Every Friday 11 PM– 11:30 PM
The 10 Guilds with the highest preliminary bids will then bid against each other for that Dominion Rush.
The 3 guilds with the highest bids will proceed to Dominion Rush
If fewer than 3 guilds have made a preliminary bid, Dominion Rush will begin without final bidding.
* If a guild already in control of a dominion attempts to bid on another dominion, they enter Final Bidding without a preliminary bid.
* If a guild already in control of a dominion succeeds in bidding and enters that Dominion Rush, they give up their previous dominion.
* Guilds already in control of a dominion can only participate in final bidding.
* Guilds already in control of a dominion can participate as a defending team for Dominion Rushes for the dominion they control.
  • If the start is imminent, you can enter via [Dominion Rush] → ‘Available Dominions’ [Enter].

Notes on bidding

  • 1) A guild can only bid for one camp.

*You cannot bid for a camp that your guild already occupies.

*However, guilds can bid for any camp they do not occupy, and when bidding participation is confirmed, the currently occupied camp will change to “forfeit” status.

  • 2) Bids can be made in units of 10,000 Gold, and the initial bid must be be at least the specified minimum amount for each camp size.
  • 3) Bidding support from members requires a specified minimum amount and there is no limit on the amount or frequency of subsequent bids.
  • 4) Guild dissolution is not available during bidding.

*If the bid is unsuccessful, the guild may not be dissolved until bids are refunded.

*If the bid is successful, the guild may not be dissolved until that Dominion Rush ends.

Guild Members’ Dominion Rush Participation Settings

  • Guild members may control their own participation in Dominion Rushes with an ON/OFF option.
  • The on/off option may not be changed if it is not during the Participation Settings period.

*Participation Settings Period : Every Wednesday 12 AM – The start of bidding

  • This button is set to off when you first join a guild and is reset every time a season begins.
  • Guild captains/vice-captains may view the members’ participation settings.
  • For guilds that have declared their intent to participate but do not have enough participating members,

The members with the highest Combat Power automatically participate.

Refund of Gold used in Bids

Gold used in bids will be refunded based on the following conditions:

  • If you cancel the bid during preliminary bidding, Gold will be refunded via your mailbox minus a 20% cancellation fee.
  • If you fail to advance to final bidding after preliminary bidding, Gold will be refunded via your mailbox minus a 30% cancellation fee.
  • If you fail to participate after final bidding, Gold will be refunded via your mailbox minus a 40% cancellation fee.

*For supporting bids, failure to participate in Dominion Rush / leaving or being kicked from the guild will result in no Gold being refunded.

*Only guild captains can withdraw from bidding.

Info on Other Guilds’ Bids

The bidding screen will display the 3 hightest bids in addition to your own guild’s bid, as well average Combat Power of the associated guilds.

Participation Requirements

Only characters Lv 70 or higher can participate in Dominion Rush.

Only those who have been in the guild for at least 24 hours can participate in bidding, and only those who have been in the guild for at least 3 days can participate in Dominion Rush.

*You can participate in Dominion Rush even without participating in bidding for it.

How to proceed with the Dominion Rush battle

Succesful bidders will become the 3 attacking teams.

One defending guild and up to three attacking guilds will compete for the Victor’s Dominion.

*If there is no defending guild, the attacking guilds will compete among themselves. The winning guild will be selected as the defending guild next season.

  • After the start of battle, eligible guild members can move to the map dedicated to the battle.
  • Attacking teams will be marked by letters of the alphabet, while the defending team will be marked by a crown-shaped icon.

Entry – Preparation

  • A barrier is created at the starting point of each attacking team.
  • Defending Team: In the defending location until the barriers are deactivated
  • Attacking Teams: Standby at their starting points

Dominion  Rush Time Limits

  • Battle Time Limit: 60 minutes
  • Defending Time Limit: 20 minutes

*When there is under 20 minutes remaining until the Battle Time Limit:

  • When the attacking and defending teams switch roles, the remaining time will be the Defending Time Limit.
  • Attacking teams starting points change based on the size of their bid.
  • The guild with the lowest bid starts the furthest from the center.

*Highest bidder is team A, 2nd highest is team B, 3rd highest is team C

  • Once the barriers around the attacking teams are deactivated, the rush begins. The goal is to capture the designated Victor’s Dominion.

*A special barrier that only the defending team may pass through will be in place around the Victor’s Dominion.

*If the attacking teams defeat the defending team’s guardian monster, the barrier will be deactivated and a teleport zone will be created at the guardian monster’s location.

  • Territories : the Victor’s Dominion, two teleport territories

*A guild that has conquered a 100% of even 1 teleport territory can teleport to all teleport zones. The guild occupying teleport territories can change.

Capturing Territories

  • The guild with the most members within the teleport territories and the Victor’s Dominion (referred to as the “majority team”) will gain capture points.
  • All other teams will lose capture points.

*The sum of the other teams capture points = the majority team’s capture point increase

*Capture point increases and decreases are updated each second

*If there are two or more majority teams, capture points will be divided amongst them

*If the difference is fewer than 3 members or there is no difference, capture points will not increase or decrease

*You gain more capture points the fewer capture points you have

Role swap

  • If an attacking team maintains the highest level of capture progress at the end of the Defending Time Limit, a role swap will occur.

*The attacking team with the highest capture progress of the Victor’s Dominion and the existing defense team will swap roles.

*The capture point totals at the time of the roleswap will remain the same.

  • If an attacking team reaches 100% capture progress, the role swap occurs regardless of the remaining time.
  • All teams will be moved to their respective starting points upon role swap.

*The previous defending team will be moved to the previous attacking team’s starting point.

  • Teleport territories are reset to being occupied by the defending team upon the role swap.
  • Territory guardians and barriers will be reset.
  • The attacking teams’ barriers are deactivated immediately upon the role swap.
  • Role swaps will continue until time has run out or the defending team is successful.
  • At the end of the time limit, regardless of who the roles of the teams,the team with the most control over the Victor’s Dominion wins.


  • The winner is determined based on who has the most control over the Victor’s Dominion.

*Note for the winning team: an icon will appear on top right of the territory’s capture progress UI

Defending Team’s Victory Conditions

  • The defending team has the most control over the Victor’s Dominion at the end of the game.
  • No attacking teams exist (match not progressed).
  • If the defending team maintains the most control over the Victor’s Dominion, they will win without a role change

Attacking Teams’ Victory Conditions

  • If the defending team is unable to maintain control over the Victor’s Dominion,the attacking team with the most control over it will win.
  • If an attacking team reaches 100% capture progress and remains there for a certain period of time,they will win even if there is time remaining.
  • If the defending team has 100% capture progress, the rush will not end prematurely.
  • The Dominion Rush map will be maintained even if the rush ends prematurely.
  • For Dominion Rushes without a starting defending team, the defending team’s capture progress will not be included in the victory conditions,and the attacking team that has the most control over the Victor’s Dominion will win.

Tie Conditions

  • The guild that was 1st place last will be victorious.
  • If there is no previously 1st place guild, the guild with the highest bid will be victorious.

Dominion Rush Map

  • 1) Victor’s Dominion Icon
  • 2) Guardian Monster Location and Spawn Marker

*Changes to a teleport zone upon death of the guardian monster

  • 3) Teleport Territory

*Takes on the color of the occupying team

  • 4) Teleport Zone

*Only the team that is occupying the teleport territory can use the teleport zones.

*North: Zone that is created after defeating the guardian monster / South : Zone that is created after beginning of battle

Dominion Rush Teleport Territory occupation buff and the guardian monster buff are as follows:

Teleport Territory occupation buff is composed of 2 tiers, obtainable by occupying both Teleport Territories.

  • Not occupying a Teleport Territory: No buff
  • Occupying 1 Teleport Territory : Tier 1 buff
  • Occupying 2 Teleport Territory : Tier 2 buff

The guild of the Captain that hit the guardian monster last will obtain the buff.

Obtained buffs are only applied in the Dominion Rush map, not outside of it.

Buffs will be reapplied upon reentering the Dominion Rush map if your guild has a buff.

The buff from defeating the guardian monster will be removed upon the role swap.


  • Unable to use the Save Location feature within the Dominion Rush map.
  • Lunatra region boss occupy buffs and halidom buffs will not be applied.
  • PK is not shown in the PvP record within the Dominion Rush map and Tendency does not decrease.
  • If you die within the Dominion Rush map, the death penalty will not be applied.
  • If you die during Dominion Rush, you will revive with 50% HP.
  • Upon entering Dominion Rush, the Demon Hunter status will be disabled and Demon Points will be reset.
  • A guild occupying a camp cannot be disbanded.
  • The sum of the number of mercenaries and the number of currently participating guild members you have cannot exceed 50 players.

Mercenary System

Even if your guild lacks numbers, you can still participate in Dominion Rush using the Mercenary System.

From 12:00 AM every Wednesday – Start of bidding, all guilds

can recruit non-guild members as participants known as mercenaries.

Captains/Vice-Captains can set a minimum Combat Power requirement and recruit up to 10 mercenaries.

The following are some things to keep in mind when recruiting mercenaries.

Recruiting Guild

  • Only guilds that declared intent to participate can recruit mercenaries.
  • Recruitment conditions can only be changed while your guild is not looking for mercenaries to recruit.
  • If your guild is not recruiting, then recruitment conditions can be changed at any time.
  • Even if recruitment conditions are changed after a mercenary has joined, those who joined beforehand will remain recruited.
  • You can’t disband a guild while having recruited mercenaries.
  • The sum of the number of mercenaries and the number of currently participating guild members you have cannot exceed 50 players.

Joining as a Mercenary

*Those who have joined as mercenaries are unable to request to join that guild while they are a mercenary.

*Mercenaries are not affected by the Mobilize Guild effect.

*When your participating guild is confirmed, you will be able to use the Dominion Rush-exclusive chat.

*You must sign up to join as a mercenary during the specified period in order to take part in that Dominion Rush.

  • As a mercenary, you will get the Participation Reward if you lose and Victory Rewards and distribution chances if you win.
  • If you don’t end up participating in the Dominion Rush despite having signed up as a mercenary, you will be unable to sign up as a mercenary for 1 week.

*The penalty will only be applied if the guild that recruited you won their bid. If the guild was lost their bid, then the penalty won’t be applied.

*The previously sanctioned penalty period will remain the same even if the no-show penalty period changes afterwards.

  • Mercenaries can apply and join only during the mercenary recruitment period, and only up to 5 requests to join can be made.
  • If a guild approves the mercenary’s request, then all other requests to other guilds will be automatically declined.
  • Mercenary requests cannot be made to enemy guilds.
  • Guild captains/vice-captains can ban mercenaries.

If the mercenary is banned after entering the Dominion Rush map, the banned mercenary will be immediately kicked to their previous location prior to entering Dominion Rush.

  • Accepting and rejecting mercenary requests can only be done by the guild captain/vice-captain.
  • When bidding for Dominion Rush begins, all pending mercenary requests to join a guild will be automatically rejected.

Dominion Rush Rewards

When the match ends, the results will appear and rewards will be given accordingly.

The guild captain will select each reward on the guild screen to distribute to their guild members.

However, after the match ends, those rewards must be distributed before the next bidding begins. Those rewards will be deleted if they’re not distributed before the beginning of the next Dominion Rush bidding and the mercenary recruitment period (Wednesday 12 AM).

*Guild members who did not participate in that Dominion Rush can also receive rewards, and distributed rewards will be sent to the character’s mailbox.

Rewards can be distributed equally, and the rules for equal distribution are as follows:

  • 1) Distributed in top-to-bottom order based on the selected Sort filter.
  • 2) The reward amount is distributed equally to all guild members.

*Any remaining amount after equal distribution will then be prioritized to the highest-ranking player based on the order sorted by the guild captain.

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