V4 – Gear Enhancement Guide

Gear Enhancement

Allows you to use an enhance scroll to increase your gear’s enhancement value to gain additional effects.

Each type of gear has a corresponding enhance scroll. There are enhance scrolls specifically for weapons, defense gear, accessories, cloaks, and artifacts. Enhance gear by using the corresponding enhance scrolls.

How to Enhance Gear

  • Select the gear you want to enhance and an enhance scroll to attempt enhancement.
  • Each piece of gear can be enhanced through its guaranteed enhancement stage with a 100% chance of success.
  • There are 2 types of enhance scrolls needed for enhancement.
  • Enhancement can succeed or fail. If enhancement fails, the piece of gear may remain at its current enhancement grade or be destroyed.
  • The penalty for failing enhancement is shown when you register a piece of gear and an enhance scroll.
  • Make sure to pay attention before proceeding with enhancement.

Magic Enhancement

Magic enchantment grant additional stats (besides basic stats) to all of your gear. Use enchanted tomes and Gold to enchant your gear with magic.

Enchanted Tomes

  • You need enchanted tomes to apply magic enchantments to gear.
  • Enchanted tomes can be acquired in the Phantom Abyss.
  • They can also be acquired through achievements and as event rewards.

How to Perform Magical Enchantment

  • Register the desired gear and an enchanted tome to gain temporary stats. Stats gained are based on the gear part and grade. Stat value depends on gear grade.
  • If magic enchantment fails, the enchanted tome used disappears. Gear and any granted stats stay the same.

Magic Enchantment Stats

  • Different stats can be gained based on the type of gear part.
  • Stat values depend on gear grade.

Gear Abilities

You can imprint Abilities to Weapons to give them special effects. Ability imprinting can be done from Character LV 55.

‘Ability Stones’ are required for ability imprinting.

An ability icon is added to the weapon when imprinting, and you can check the ability stats.

How to imprint Ability

[Menu]→[Workshop]→[Gear Abilities] or [Bag]→[Select Gear]→[Manage]→[Imprint Ability]

Gear Imprinting succeeds at a 100% probability.

  1. Select Gear from list
  2. Select owened Ability Stone
  3. Check stat given with imprinting Ability
  4. Press [Imprint Ability] button to imprint ability to gear

*When imprinting a new Ability to Gear that has already been imprinted, the original Ability disappears.

How to acquire Ability Stone

You can acquire Ability Stones at a certain probability by [Ability Stone Extraction] from Siphoning Sub Weapons obtained through hunting.

*Siphoning Gear cannot be obtained when setting ‘Dropped Gear Grade Limit’ to ‘Acquire Fine or higher’.

You cannot imprint Abilities on Siphoning Sub Weapons, and can only extract Ability Stones.

When succeeding in extraction, you obtain Ability Stones that can be imprinted on Sub Weapons.

Ability Stone Extraction

[Menu]→[Workshop]→[Gear Ability]→[Ability Stone Extraction]

  1. Select Siphoning Gear to extract
  2. Press [Extract] button to extract Ability Stone

*Extraction succeeds at a certain probability, and the Siphoning gear disappears when failing.

Ability Stone Removal

Ability Stones can be removed from imprinted gear.

[Menu]→[Workshop]→[Gear Ability] ‘Remove Ability Stone’ tab or

[Bag]→[Select imprinted Gear]→[Manage]→[Imprint Ability] ‘Remove Ability Stone’

  1. Select imprinted gear to remove Ability Stone.
  2. Press [Remove] button to remove Ability Stone.

*Removing Ability Stone uses gold according to the Ability Stone grade.

Please Note

  1. You can use imprinted gear as crafting material, but The imprinted Ability disappears when using imprinted gear as material.
  2. When imprinting another Ability to an already imprinted Gear, the original Ability and Ability Stone disappears.

*Lost Ability Stones cannot be restored.

Gear Awakening (Sculptures, Medals, Runes)

Gear Awakening

You can awaken max-enhanced sculptures, medals, and runes to a higher grade. Additional stats can be changed or given to the awakened gear.

How to Awaken Gear

Available via [Menu]→[Gear Workshop]→[Awaken Gear].

Max-enhanced Rare sculptures, medals, and runes can be awakened with the Shard of Mystery.

Items that can be AwakenedAwakening MaterialCrafting Results
(Rare) +12 Tracker’s MedalShard of Mystery x200(Epic) +12 Miraculous Tracker’s Medal (Bound)
(Rare) +12 Oceanic SculptureShard of Mystery x120(Epic) +12 Miraculous Oceanic Sculpture (Bound)
(Rare) +12 Tracker’s RuneShard of Mystery x200(Epic) +12 Miraculous Tracker’s Rune (Bound)

(Note!) Awakening is 100% guaranteed to be successful and the random stats will remain unchanged.

Magic enchantment is reset and soulstones that were equipped will be immediately sent to your bag.

Unlock Awakened Gear Stats

  • Available via [Menu]→[Workshop]→[Gear Awakening]→[Add Stats].
  • Stats can only be added to awakened gear. 4 random stats are given when you unlock a stat for the very first time.
Items that can have stats addedMaterials required for the first stat unlock
(Epic) +12 Miraculous Tracker’s MedalShard of Reflection x1
(Epic) +12 Miraculous Oceanic SculptureShard of Mystery x8
(Epic) +12 Miraculous Tracker’s RuneShard of Ideology x1

*Shard of Reflection/Ideology can be acquired via the V4 Shop.

Modify Awakened Gear Stats

1) Add Additional Stats to the Awakened Gear

  • Available via [Menu]→[Workshop]→[Gear Awakening]→[Add Stats].
  • You can select a gear that has already been given stats and modify those stats by consuming Shards of Reflection and Shards of Truth.
  • You can also ‘lock’ stats that you do not wish to modify.
  • You can reconfigure stats while they’re locked. The materials consumed will depend on the number of locked slots.

Please note that the changed stats cannot be reverted.

2) Changing random stats for Awakened Gear

  • Available via [Menu]→[Workshop]→[Awaken Gear]→[Modify Random Stats].
  • You can change the random stats that were acquired when the awakened gear (sculpture, medal, rune) was Rare before it was awakened to Epic.
  • Material needed to modify random stat for Miraculous Oceanic Sculpture: Sculpture Essence x1
  • Material needed to modify random stat for Miraculous Tracker’s Medal: Tracker’s Essence x1
  • Material needed to modify random stat for Miraculous Tracker’s Rune: Rune Essence x2

Please note that the random stats are all changed at once and cannot be reverted once the change is made.

  • Random stat changes are only available for awakened gear.
  • Stats that were acquired at random when the gear reached Rare can be modified.

*When modified, all other additional stats/magic enchantments/equipped soulstones that were on the gear will be retained.

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