V4 – Guild Dungeon Guide

Guild Dungeon (Training Square)

Training Square is a new Guild Dungeon that combines the existing Bounty and Training Island.

Select the dungeon via [Menu] → [Guild] → [Dungeon] to enter.

Unlock Guild Dungeon

Each dungeon has an unlock condition (Guild Lv).

Guild Dungeon Difficulty

A single Guild Dungeon consists of multiple difficulty levels.

Create Guild Dungeon

Only guild captains and vice-captains can create Guild Dungeons.

Only one Guild Dungeon can be created by a single Guild, and cannot be created simultaneously.

A dungeon can be created once per week, and the default number of dungeon creations resets every Monday at 12:00 AM.

Dungeon playtime is used immediately when the dungeon is created.

When creating a dungeon, you can find the Guild Dungeon button in the top-left of the main screen.

*If there are no stage missions completed, the number of dungeon unlocks won’t be deducted.

Guild Dungeon Reward

If you make it to the final stage, your reward will be sent to your mail.

If the Guild Dungeon’s playtime ends before you completed the final stage, you’ll be rewarded based on the last completed stage mission.

Acquire a dice reward when you defeat a boss. The captain with the highest die number gets the reward.

The more people who contribute to defeating the boss, the more dice you’ll receive. We recommend that you play with a large guild.

(Important!) Guild Dungeon Rewards are only awarded to the captains who are actually in the Dungeon when the final stage is completed or when the playtime ends.

Enter Guild Dungeon

The number of people who can enter a dungeon is the maximum number of allowed members per guild level.

You are free to re-enter the dungeon as long as there is playtime remaining.

Playing the Guild Dungeon

Monsters will appear when it’s confirmed that at least one guild member has entered the dungeon.

Monsters attack in multiple waves. Advance to the next stage when all monsters in each stage are defeated.

The dungeon’s stage progression is the same for all guild members, and the dungeon boss will appear in the final stage.

Once the boss is defeated, the dungeon will remain open for the remainder of your playtime, making it freely accessible for your guild.

You can only use a Monster Bugle inside a dungeon while that dungeon is open.

*A bugle is an item that can summon named and special named monsters.

Clear Guild Dungeon

Complete the final stage mission to successfully clear the dungeon.

End of Guild Dungeon

When the dungeon’s playtime ends, you will be automatically removed from the dungeon, and the dungeon will disappear.

Even if all guild members leave after entering a dungeon, the dungeon will remain active for the remainder of the playtime.

Exit the Guild Dungeon

Use the Exit button to leave the dungeon.

You will automatically leave once the dungeon’s playtime ends.

After the battle ends, you can exit by entering or moving to other content.

Dungeon Exit Location

When you leave a dungeon, you will return to your previous location prior to entering the Guild Dungeon.

Death and Revival

If you die, you may experience After Death and item drops. When you are revived, you will reappear at your camp inside the dungeon.

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