V4 – How to Add / Delete Friends

Friends Guide

You can register players that you met during your adventure as friends. Characters registered as friends will show up in your friends list. You can view their class, login status, and level.

Adding and Deleting Friends

  • Enter the name of the character you’d like to add as a friend by tapping the [Add Friends] button at the bottom right of the screen. Then tap Okay to send that character a friend request.
  • When the character accepts your friend request, they will be registered in your friends list.
  • You can register up to 30 characters.
  • Tap the [Delete] button in the friends list to unfriend and delete a player from your friends list.
  • You can accept or deny friend requests you received from other players in the Requests Received tab.
  • In Requests Received, you can accept all by tapping [Accept All] or deny all by tapping [Deny All].
  • You can view requests you’ve sent in the Requests Sent tab.
  • You can send friend requests to up to 10 players.
  • Tap the [Cancel All] button to cancel all friend requests you sent.

Friend Functions

  • You can use these features when a friend of yours is online.
  • Tap [Party Request] to form a party with your friend.
  • Tap [Whisper] to direct message your friend.

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