V4 – How to Change Appearance

Changing Appearance Guide

Use an Appearance Mod Ticket to customize your character’s appearance anytime you want.

How to Change Appearance

  • Select “Change Appearance” from the menu to change your character’s appearance.

Appearance Change Options

  • Select the preset you want and use the menu’s detailed features to customize your appearance.
  • Use Gear Preview to see how typical gear would look when it’s equipped.
  • Reset, undo, and redo functions let you cancel or revert what you’ve done back to its original state.

Finalizing Your Appearance Change

  • Tap the Change button and use 1 Appearance Mod Ticket to complete the change.
  • Your changes will be temporarily saved, even if the Appearance Change screen
  • closes during play, unless you quit the game.

Purchasing a Character Appearance Mod Ticket

  • Character Appearance Mod Tickets can be purchased from the General Shop in the Cash Shop.

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