V4 – Item Collection Guide

Item Collection

Collect and register items by category. Earn stats by completing collections.

Item collection progress is saved for each character. Separate currency won’t be used when registering items.

How to Collect Items

  • Go to [Menu] → [Item Collection].
  • Register items when you have the required amount. You can also replace items in a collection with different ones.
  • More information on item replacement can be found below.

Item Collection Effects

  • Tap the [Collection Effect] icon in the top right of the menu to see collection effects.

How to Register Items to a Collection

  • When an item can be registered, a green (↑) symbol will appear at the top right of its icon.
  • Tap the item and “Registered items will be deleted. Register?” will pop up.
  • Please note that once you delete the registered item, it cannot be restored.
  • Locked items cannot be registered.
  • Gear equipped with soulstones cannot be registered.
  • When registering gear, all magic and abilities applied to the gear will be deleted.

What happens when you have a lot of the same gear?

If you have a lot of the same gear that can be registered, you can go through

the item replacement list to see if you can use it as a substitute.

What is item replacement?

Item replacement allows you to substitute the required item with another item.

When there’s an alternate item, the [Substitute] icon on the bottom right of the item will appear.

After the item is registered, it cannot be substituted with another item.

Sometimes it’s not possible to substitute items, and the type of item that can be substituted may be different.

Completing Item Collection

Completing collections increases your character’s stats. “Item Collection Complete” appears when you complete a collection.

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