V4 – Item Quickslots Guide

Item Quickslots

This feature allows you to manage/use items you use frequently.

Recovery Potion Quickslots

Automatically register HP and MP potions. Adjust the potion grade to be consumed first and the percentage of health where potions are automatically used in the settings.

Swipe up on the quickslot to select the potion you want to set for auto-use.

Custom Item Quickslots

1) Registering and Resetting Items

  • Tap the [+] button to the left of the custom item quickslots to display the quickslot settings UI.
  • Items that can’t be registered will be dark to clarify what can be registered.
  • After selecting an item that can be registered, select a quickslot to register the item.
  • Tap the curving arrow button at the top left of the quickslot settings UI to reset your quickslots.
  • Once your finished with the quickslot settings, tap the [X] button to exit the menu. Doing so will automatically save your settings and auto-use of selected items will begin.

2) Item Auto-Use Settings

  • Items marked with a circled arrow icon in their quickslot are available for auto-use.
  • Tap the slot to turn auto-use on/off.
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