V4 – Level Up Guide

How to Level Up Fast (Useful Tips)

Completing the main quest is essential to character development!

Tap Settings > Game > Go on the Alliance Journey Quest to get started, and tap Fast Forward in Dialogue to quickly and conveniently play the main quest.

A guide to help you increase your Combat Power and grow your character!

Guide to Open Level and Core Content

Monster Investigation [Level 11]

When you defeat a monster, there’s a chance you’ll get a monster trace.

Collect all of the local monster traces to increase your Combat Power.

Hunt with a companion to obtain elite or higher-level monster traces, which will help better analyze monster traces.

Join a Guild [Level 15] / Create a Guild [Level 30]

Join a guild to get benefits like extra XP and buffs that help you fight battles.

You can also exchange guild coins for items like cloaks and skillbooks in the Guild Shop.

The Bounty and Training Island guild dungeons award high XP and various items like Epic demon stone crafting material, Epic gear, and Epic skillbooks.

Demon Conquest [Level 21]

In Demon Conquest, you can get Epic accessories, imprint stones, and even Black Octopus Coins. You can exchange those coins at the Black Octopus Co. in the Pengint Exchange House for items like an Advanced Epic Cloak Chest, Wisdom Source Choice Chest, or Epic Crystal Chest.

!Once you’ve completed it the first time, you can use a Demon Conquest Permit to immediately complete it in the future. (You can get Demon Conquest Permits in the V4 Shop or by completing daily missions.)

!Complete Demon Conquest to get advanced accessories, artifacts, and demon stone imprint materials.

Unlock Potential [Clear Alliance Journey Chapter 1 Episode 4 – A Waking Nightmare]

Use enchanted necklaces and unused gear as material to increase your potential and raise your Combat Power.

Clear space in your bag and raise your Combat Power at the same time!

Soulstone [Clear Alliance Journey Chapter 3 Episode 6 – An Unspeakable Evil]

You can raise your Combat Power by collecting soul shards and using them to grow or upgrade soulstones. Then you can equip those soulstones to Rare or better gear.

*There are several ways to get soulstone upgrade materials like dark soulstones, soul shards, and purifying water, including by earning them in Phantom Abyss and buying them in the V4 Shop.

Demon Stone Imprint [Clear the Region Conquest mission for Chapter 2 Episode 2 – Special Gift]

Complete Region Conquest missions to earn imprint stones that you can use on your demon stones to raise your character stats and Combat Power.

Hunt with a companion in areas that require higher Combat Power than your current level.

Phantom Abyss [Level 22]

For a limited time each day, you can enter Phantom Abyss to earn enhance scrolls, soul shards, and enchanted tomes.

Don’t forget to hunt! You can earn a lot of XP and Gold in Phantom Abyss!

Magic Enchantment [Level 30]

In addition to basic stats, all gear can have bonus stats.

Use enchanted tomes and and Gold to upgrade your gear.

!You can earn enchanted tomes in Phantom Abyss or buy them with Yellow Whale Coins.

You can earn Yellow Whale Coins by completing resident requests or get them from Travel Essentials.

Talents [ Level 51]

Starting at level 51, you’ll earn 1 Talent Point for every level you gain.

You can use Talent Points to improve your character stats, conditional effects, active skill effects, and passive skill effects.

*At level 81, you’ll unlock Demon Hunter talents.


The Lunatra region allows cross-server play with others!

You can earn a lot of XP and items that will help your character grow faster.

Dimensional Rift Hours:

  1. 00:10 to 02:00
  2. 12:00 to 16:00
  3. 19:00 to 23:59
  • The Lunatra region is available on your server 24 hours a day.
  • The Lunatra region is available on other servers during those times.

Region Boss

Be sure to challenge each region’s field boss to help your character grow even faster!

When you defeat a region boss, you’ll get demon stones and monster markings that help your character grow.

*Region bosses appear after 19:00! (Check the boss menu for more information.)

When Your Character Is Strong Enough, Compete with Other Servers!

Once your character’s Combat Power is high enough, you can enter cross-server battles like Dimensional Brawl and Realm Boss!

Dimensional Brawl

Defeat monsters and your opponent’s captain in a cross-server competition to see who can reach the target score first.

Dimensional Brawl awards items like crafting manuals, blueprints, Epic gear, Soldier Tokens, and wisdom sources.

Realm Boss

Compete against other servers to see who can deal the most damage to the boss.

Realm Boss awards essential development items like Elton gear, crafting material, and wisdom sources.

Realm Boss signup is available from 00:00 (midnight) every Thursday to 12:00 (noon) every Sunday.

Dimensional Brawl signup is available from 00:00 (midnight) every Thursdays to 17:00 every Friday.

You must meet the following conditions to enter:

Don’t Miss These Great Character Development Tips!

Tip: Quick Level Up!

Play the main quest as often as possible to level your character quickly.

Tip: EXP Up!

Earn more XP by hunting in Lunatra and Phantom Abyss!

!Don’t forget to use blessing potions and XP buff items, and be sure to take advantage of Prime Time!

Tip: Power UP!

Upgrade with soulstones, collect items, imprint demon stones, and analyze monster traces to raise your Combat Power.

!There are several ways to get soulstone upgrade materials like dark soulstones, soul shards, and purifying water, including by earning them in Phantom Abyss and buying them in the V4 Shop.

!You can also get reinforced gear essential for item collection from weekly missions, Pengint Roulette, and the V4 Shop’s daily limited deals.

!You can get advanced accessories, artifacts, and demon stone imprint material from Demon Conquests.

Again, remember these 4 things to level up faster, Captains!

  1. Region Conquests are essential for earning demon stone imprint materials, which are the key to raising your Combat Power! If you join a Region Conquest that requires higher Combat Power, be sure to hunt with a companion.
  2. Complete Phantom Abyss every day to earn a lot of XP and Gold. You can register buff items like blessing potions and development scrolls to your quickslots.
  3. Spend evenings defeating region bosses. You can use the demon stones you earn to collect items, or you can disassemble them into magic cores and exchange them for Epic Demon Stone Choice Chests.
  4. Visit the V4 Store to spend Gold on all kinds of mounts, pets, and companions you can summon!

We hope these tips help you level your captains faster!

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