V4 – Monster Research Guide

Monster Research

Monster Research lists all the monsters that exist in the world of V4. As you eliminate them, you earn their markings. Markings allow you to conduct research and acquire helpful rewards.

Researching Markings

  • There are five stages of research for each monster. You can acquire a separate research reward for each stage.
  • When researching markings, you can either set the quantity of markings you’d like to research or research all markings.
  • Research status increases in each region every time you research a monster.
  • Additional rewards are given every time you reach a certain value.

Trading Markings

  • Once you’ve researched a monster to stage 5, you can exchange any remaining markings for Hunt Tokens. This can be done through a markings merchant in a camp. The stronger the monster markings, the more tokens you receive.
  • You can set the quantity of markings you’d like to exchange for each monster,
  • or register all monster markings of the grade you want to exchange.
  • Hunt Tokens can be used at Markings Shops to purchase chests containing monster markings.

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