V4 – Parties Guide


Form a party for co-op fun with other players.

Creating a Party

Anyone can create a party. If you want to lead a party, first make sure you aren’t in a party already. If you’re not in a party, you can create a new one and invite players.

Inviting Players to Join Your Party

  • Enter character names to invite them to your party through Invite to Party.
  • Up to 5 players, including the party leader, can join.

Party Join Requests

If you want to join a party, select a player in that party and tap “Party” to send a join request to the party leader.

Leaving a Party

Select yourself in the party to leave. If you’re the party leader, you also have the option of disbanding the party.

Banning or Appointing Party Members

  • Party leaders can ban others player or appoint a new party leader.
  • If the party leader leaves the party, the player who joined the party first
  • will automatically become the new party leader.


  • The party leader can target a specific monster or player.
  • If the party leader shares the target, party members can use the Share Target feature to focus on the same target.

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