V4 – Production Guide


Produce various items through gathering and crafting.


Gathering consists of herb collecting, mining, woodcutting, and digging. Gatherables from each activity can be used as crafting materials.

  • Herb Collecting: Acquire alchemy materials.
  • Mining: Acquire metalsmithing materials.
  • Woodcutting: Acquire metalsmithing materials.
  • Digging: Acquire polishing materials.
  • There’s a low chance of achieving a Great Success while gathering.
  • A Great Success allows you to acquire special materials used for crafting Fine items.

Big Gatherables

  • Some regions have big gatherables.
  • Big gatherables have a gathering level requirement you must meet before you can collect them. You can acquire more than basic gatherables from big gatherables.
  • You can acquire special materials for Rare and Epic item crafting if you achieve a Great Success while gathering from big gatherables.

How to Gather

  • Select gatherables from each hunting ground to gather them.
  • Tap the Auto-Gather button to automatically collect gatherables from the region.


  • Crafting consists of metalsmithing, polishing, and alchemy.
  • You can craft various items using gatherables you acquired.
    • Metalsmithing: Craft weapons and defense gear.
    • Polishing: Craft accessories and soulstones.
    • Alchemy: Craft recovery items and various scrolls.

How to Craft

Visit crafting NPCs in each region to craft.

Craft Mastery

Challenge yourself to become a master by increasing your crafting specialist skill level. Increase your crafting level to achieve mastery.

Accepting Master Quests

You can begin a Master Quest when your crafting skill reaches Legendary Lv 5 with max EXP.

Find quest NPC’s through Craft Mastery in the Quest List.

Starting a Master Quest

  • Accept a Master Quest from an NPC to begin.
  • Master Quest Rewards
  • After completing a Master Quest, you can acquire earned rewards from Quest List – Craft Mastery to become a master.

Master Benefits

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