V4 – PvP Guide


PvP Records and Rank UI

1) PvP Records

  • Shows details relevant to PvP records you’re included in.
  • Also displays PvP occurrence times, results, targets, and guild affiliation.
  • PvP results are divided into eliminations, assists, and deaths.
  • Only up to 100 PvP records are shown.
  • Elimination: When you cause the death of an opponent by attacking them.
  • Assist: When you contribute the most with an elimination but didn’t deliver the killing blow.
  • Death: When your death is caused by an opponent.

2) Your PvP Rank

Shows your PvP score and rank.

3) PvP Ranks

  • Shows the top 100 players on your server.
  • Rankings refresh every hour.
  • PvP scores reset every Monday at midnight.

4) View Last Rank Button

  • Tap this button to view your previous rank.
  • Tap the View Current Rank button to view your current rank.

Detailed PvP Record Info

1) PvP Target Info

  • Shows the target player’s PvP record info.
  • Includes the character’s class, name, and server.

2) PvP Results and Score

Shows the PvP results and the acquired score.

3) PvP Attacker Info

Shows the attacker’s info, outcome of the attack, and the amount of damage dealt.

4) Follow-Up Actions

  • Shows a guide on follow-up actions that can be taken depending on PvP results.
  • Elimination: Shows when and how many times Mockery is available.
  • Death: Shows the time remaining for and amount of revenge remaining.
  • Mockery: Send a message to opponents to mock them.
  • Tracking: Use currency to move to the opponent’s location and take revenge up to 3 times. Cannot be used after you successfully eliminate the target.

5) Mock

Shows the currency used to mock.

Detailed PvP Rank Info

1) Target Rank Info

  • Shows the target’s PvP rank info.
  • Includes the character’s name and guild.

2) Target PvP Records

  • Shows the target’s PvP rank record.
  • Includes rank, score, elimination count, assist count, and death count.

3) Rank Benefits

  • Ranks 1-3 can receive PvP rank benefits.
  • Rank 1: Additional PvP ATK +200
  • Rank 2: Additional PvP ATK +100
  • Rank 3: ACC +100

Engaging in PvP

1) PvP Zones

PvP is available in the following regions:

  • Syllunas: From Yukabi Desert and onwards
  • All Abyss Fields
  • All Lunatra Fields

Killing and Retaliation

1) Losing Gear

  • From Lv 56, you may lose your Gear when recovering from the Healer.
  • The chance of losing Gear starts at 20% at Lv 56, and increases by level.
  • Chance of losing Gear will not increase to 100%.
  • You can buy the lost gear from the Healer with Gold.

2) Retaliation

You can retaliate and chase the user who killed you by using Gems.

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