V4 – Soulstones Guide


Soulstones are development items that can be equipped to weapons and defense gear.

Different types of soulstones can be equipped to each type of gear.

Soulstone effects are as follows:

Soulstones can be equipped to Rare or better gear. The number of equippable slots increases based on grade.

Equipping Soulstones

  • Only soulstones that can be equipped to the selected piece of gear are displayed on the Soulstones screen.
  • Select the soulstone you want to use and equip it.
  • Once equipped, you can tap the [-] button on the soulstone icon to unequip it.

Soulstone Development

  • Soulstones can be developed up to Lv 20 for each grade.

Once it reaches max level, you can increase its grade though upgrading.

  • Leveling Up: Use soul shards and extra soulstones to level up.
  • Upgrading: Use soulstone purifying water and soulstones that are the same grade as the selected soulstone to upgrade.

The chance of successfully upgrading a soulstone depends on its grade. Failure results in the material used being consumed and the soulstone’s grade remaining the same.

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