V4 – Spectator Mode Guide

Spectator Mode

What is Spectator Mode?

  • You can enter Dimensional Brawl and Realm Boss as a ‘spectator’ and move freely to watch the battle.
  • The Spectator’s character can enter the content directly to watch the battle.
  • Spectators can spectate the battles of their servers only.
  • Only battles of the highest league can be spectated.
  • You can move to any desired location instantly by using portals within the Dimensional Brawl and Realm Boss map.

Entering Spectator Mode

  • When entering Spectator Mode, your character automatically changes to the Spectating character.

(The below screenshot was taken in a developing environment and actual details may differ.)

  • You can enter by pressing the [Enter Spectator Mode] button of Dimensional Brawl and Realm Boss screen.
  • Entry is free, and spectators can enter the contents by order of arrival.
  • The maximum number of spectators for Dimensional Brawl and Realm Boss is 150 Captains each. After the maximum number of spectators have entered, you cannot enter the spectator mode.
  • You can check the number of current spectators in from the enter button.
  • Battle participants cannot enter as a spectator.
  • You cannot enter spectator mode after the content has ended.


  • When entering spectator mode, you enter at the same location as your server.
  • Spectators can watch the battle freely by using the portal or moving directly, and cannot affect the content in any way.
  • Participants cannot see spectators.
  • Spectators can see the current scoreboard for each content.
    • Dimensional Brawl: Points that each server has acquired
    • Realm Boss: Contribution Rank, Nearby captains, NPC and Monster list

Leaving and Re-Entering

  • Spectators can leave the spectator mode by pressing the [Exit] button.
  • You can reenter whenever you want as long as the maximum number of spectators is not reached.

Ending Spectator Mode

  • Spectator Mode ends when the content is finished.
    • Dimensional Brawl: Ends when reaching time limit
    • Realm Boss: Ends when Realm Boss is eliminated or 60 minutes passes
  • When spectating ends, the battle result screen appears and you can leave by pressing the exit button.
  • Spectators can check the battle result and rankings as same as participants when the battle ends.

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