V4 – Talents Guide


Enhance your talents from the [Menu] → [Talent] tab.

1) Talents

  • Increase your character’s stats with talents.
  • You can increase stats, activate conditional effects, and unlock active/passive skills and effects.

2) Talent Points

  • Each talent has their own effects.
  • 1 Talent Point is used each time you level up a talent.
  • Talents are locked by default. Each talent can be leveled up 3 times max.

How to Acquire Talent Points

  • You earn your first Talent Point upon reaching level 51.
  • After that, you earn 1 Talent Point every time you level up.

3) Resetting Talents

  • You can reset all your talents.
  • Points already used to increase talents will be returned.
  • The Level Up button activates when the requirements are met.

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