V4 – The Exchange House Guide

The Exchange House

The Pengint Exchange House features various items and rewards.

Here you’ll see a list of currencies you can use in the Pengint Exchange House, as well as info on each merchant’s shop, the Roulette, and the Red Gem Exchange.

Red Wave Merchants

  • Use Red Wave Coins to acquire gear.
  • Red Wave Coins can be acquired through Named Conquests and region bosses.

Blue Shrimp Merchants

  • Use Blue Shrimp Coins to acquire mounts and pets.
  • Blue Shrimp Coins can be acquired through achievements, daily missions, monthly missions, and region bosses.

Yellow Whale Merchants

  • Use Yellow Whale Coins to acquire functional items such as advanced blessing potions, imprint stones, and scrolls.
  • Yellow Whale Coins can be acquired through travel essentials, Pengint Roulette, and resident requests.

Black Octopus Merchants

  • Use Black Octopus Coins to acquire accessories.
  • Black Octopus Coins can be acquired through Demon Conquests, monster elimination, and region bosses.

Pengint Roulette

  • Once you reach Lv 40, you can use dark orbs to spin the Roulette to acquire various rewards.
  • Dark orbs can be acquired by hunting monsters in Lunatra.
  • They can also be acquired from achievements or missions.

Red Gem Exchange

  • When you reach a certain level, you can use Red Gem Exchange Tickets to exchange a fixed amount of Gold for Red Gems.
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