V4 – Ultimate Guilds Guide


A guild is a group of players who work together to achieve a shared goal while competing with other guilds. Join a guild to gain benefits and access exclusive content.

Creating a Guild

1) Conditions

Players must be at least Lv 30 to create a guild. You cannot create a guild if you’re currently the member of another guild, or left (includes disbanding) a guild within the last 24 hours.

2) How to Create a Guild

Once at Lv 30, players can pay 100,000 Gold to create a guild from the Create Guild menu.

  • Emblem: Select an emblem via the Select Emblem menu.
  • Guild Name: Must be 2-8 characters in length without special characters. You cannot use a guild name that already exists.
  • Join Type: Select how players are accepted into the guild.
  • Public: Allows players to join without any special conditions.
  • Approval: Players must be approved before they can join.
  • Private: Players can join only if they receive an invitation.

Joining a Guild

1) Conditions

Players must be at least Lv 15 to join a guild. You can join 1 guild per character. You cannot join a guild if you left a guild (including disbanding) in the last 24 hours.

2) How to Join a Guild

If you’re not in a guild, go to the Join Guild menu and join a guild that currently exists.

  • You can join immediately or send a request to join, depending on the join type.
  • If you have a guild in mind, use the guild search function to find it.
  • You can see guilds you’ve sent a request to, as well as guilds that have sent you an invitation. From here, you can accept, deny, cancel, etc.
  • Shows the benefits of joining that guild.

Guild Rank

Shows the rankings of the top 100 guilds on the server based on guild level and EXP.

Guild Info

View your guild’s info and activity.

  • Guild Emblem: The guild captain can change the emblem.
  • Guild Info: Shows detailed info about your guild.
    • Captain: Shows the guild captain’s name.
    • Members: Shows the number of characters who have currently joined the guild and the maximum member capacity.
    • Guild Rank: Your guild’s rank on the server.
    • Average CP: The average guild member CP.
  • Announcements: Registers information to share with guild members.
    • Only the captain and vice captain can register and edit announcements.
  • Introduction: Registers information to share with people joining or requesting to join the guild.
    • Only the captain and vice captain can register and edit the introduction.

Guild Positions

  • There are 3 guild positions: captain, vice captain, and member.
  • Each position has different permissions.
  • The guild captain can appoint a vice captain. There’s no limit to the number of guild members that can be vice captains.

Rank Authority Chart

Guild Content

1) Guild Level

Guild level shows the guild’s current development level. Earn Guild EXP based on guild member activity to increase guild level.

The guild level can be developed up to Lv 20. Benefits increase based on level.

How to Earn Guild EXP

  • Character Development: Guild EXP increases at a fixed rate based on the EXP acquired by guild-affiliated characters. There’s a limit to how much Guild EXP can increase per day.
  • Guild Donations: Earn EXP based on the donation type.
  • Guild Missions: Complete a character’s guild mission to earn EXP.
  • Guild Dungeons: Earn Guild EXP as a reward for clearing guild dungeons.

2) Guild Benefits

Benefits are provided according to guild level.

3) Guild Shop

You can purchase various hard-to-find items with Guild Coins from guild merchant NPCs at big camps. Earn Guild Coins based on guild level.

4) Guild Check-In

You can check-in to your guild once a day. Rewards are earned based on the number of members who checked in the day before. Check-in info resets daily at midnight.

  • How to Check-In: Access Guild Info via the Guild menu to automatically check-in.
  • Check-In Rewards: Tap Check-In Reward on the Guild Info screen to claim your reward.

5) Guild Donations

Donate Gold and Red Gems to gain Guild EXP and Guild Coins. Donations reset daily at midnight.

6) Enemy Guild

  • Here you can register and identify guilds to keep an eye on.
  • The opponent’s consent isn’t required to add them as an enemy guild.
  • How to Register an Enemy Guild
  • You can register up to 20 guilds as enemies. Only guild captains can register and delete guilds.
  • Members of enemy guilds are identified by an icon above their character.

7) Region Boss Domination Effects

  • When a guild member contributes to defeating a Lunatra region boss at rank 1, they will receive a Domination effect as a guild buff.
  • Domination effect info is shown both in the Guild Info screen and as the player’s buff.

Guild Dungeons

Find special named monsters and eliminate them with your guild members. Defeating monsters in a guild dungeon gains Guild EXP for the entire guild and Guild Coins for each guild member based on their contributions.

How to Use the Guild Dungeon

  • Guild dungeons are available starting at guild Lv 3.
  • Go to [Menu] → [Guild] → Guild Dungeon tab.
  • Once a guild dungeon is summoned, it remains open for 30 minutes. Up to 50 players may enter.
  • If you fail to defeat the monster within the time limit, the guild dungeon will disappear!
  • The higher the guild level, the higher the grade of dungeon that unlocks.

Creating a Guild Dungeon

  • Guild dungeons are created when a guild captain or vice captain “searches” for a named monster.
  • The guild captain and vice captain use the Search button to open the guild dungeon.
  • Regular guild members can enter by tapping the Enter button.
  • By default, you can create a dungeon once per week. Tap the “Search” button to create a dungeon.
  • The default search count resets at midnight every Monday.
  • Search counts and Gold are used to enter guild dungeons.
  • Each guild can only make one guild dungeon at a time, and only one dungeon can exist at a time.
  • Regular guild members cannot create guild dungeons.

How to Enter More Guild Dungeons

  • After entering the guild dungeon the first time for a given week, you can use a guild dungeon reset scroll to enter the guild dungeon up to 3 more times that week.
  • When the guild dungeon resets, the default search count recharges to 1.
  • The captain and vice captain have to search again to create a new guild dungeon.
  • Guild dungeon reset scrolls can be used by all guild members.
  • Guild dungeon reset scrolls can be purchased from the [V4 Shop].

I can’t enter a guild dungeon.

  • You cannot enter a guild dungeon when your character is in battle or the guild dungeon has expired.
  • You cannot enter a guild dungeon that has less than 1 minute remaining.
  • Players who leave or are banned from a guild while in a guild dungeon are automatically kicked from the dungeon.

What rewards are available from a guild dungeon?

  • When you defeat monsters, you can earn Guild EXP for the entire guild
  • and Guild Coins for each guild member based on their contributions.
  • You can reenter a guild dungeon after exiting, but your contributions will be reset.
  • When you die in a guild dungeon, you’ll revive outside the guild dungeon and your contributions will reset.
  • Contributions for monster elimination can be viewed to the right of the minimap.
  • When a guild dungeon boss is eliminated, you can view your rewards in the Results window.

What is a Guild Dungeon?

You can hunt in an exclusive field with your guild members in the guild dungeon.

‘Most Wanted’ and ‘Training Island’ constitute the Guild Dungeons, from which you can gain various loot.

Guild Dungeon: Most Wanted

What is Most Wanted?

You can search for and eliminate Special Named Monsters with guild members in ‘Most Wanted’.

It opens at Guild LV 3 at [Menu] → [Guild] → ‘Dungeon’.

After the Guild Dungeon Search, the dungeon remains for 30 members and can accommodate up to 50 members.

*The Most Wanted monster disappears if you fail to eliminate it during the remaining time.

Higher stages of Guild Dungeons can be searched according to Guild Levels.

How can I create Most Wanted?

The Captain and Vice Captain can ‘Search’ monsters, and the dungeon is created when touching the

‘Search’ button.

*The ‘Search’ button appears only to the Captain/Vice Captain, and guild members can only enter dungeons by pressing the ‘Enter’ button.

Basic Search opportunities are given once a week, and Search times are reset every Monday at 00:00 Server time.

*Only one Guild Dungeon can be created in one Guild, and multiple dungeons cannot be created at the same time.

How can I enter Most Wanted additional times?

If your given number of entries are consumed, you can use ‘Guild Dungeon Reset Scroll’ to enter Most Wanted up to 6 times.

Resetting Guild Dungeon adds 1 more Search opportunity, so that the Captain or Vice Captain can create a new Guild Dungeon through Search.

  • Guild Dungeon Reset Scroll can be used by all Guild members.
  • Guild Dungeon Reset Scroll can be purchased in [V4Shop].

I cannot enter Most Wanted

You cannot enter Guild Dungeon during battle, or when the remaining Guild Dungeon time has ended.

Also, you cannot enter when the remaining time is under 1 minute.

*You automatically leave the Guild Dungeon when leaving or being banned from your guild.

What are the rewards of Most Wanted?

  • Eliminating a monster gives the guild ‘Guild EXP’ and individuals ‘Guild Coins’ according to contribution.
  • Also, Evenfall Essence Pieces(Bound) are offered as a participation reward.
    • If you leave Most Wanted, you can re-enter the dungeon during the remaining time but your contribution is reset.
    • If you are killed in Most Wanted, you revive outside of the dungeon and your contribution is reset.

You can check your contribution from the right of the Mini Map.

When the Dungeon Boss is eliminated, you can check the rewards in the result screen.

Guild Dungeon: Training Island

What is Training Island?

Training Island is a Guild exclusive field in which you can hunt with your Guild members.

It is available from Guild LV 9 in [Menu] → [Guild] → ‘Guild Dungeon’.

You can enter the Training Island freely while it is open, and up to 50 members can enter.

The remaining time for Training Island begins to decrease as soon as it is opened.

How can I enter Training Island?

The Captain and Vice Captain can open and close the Training Island by touching the desired island and opening it.

The Captain and Vice Captain can close the Island even if time remains, and in this case the remaining time is saved.

  • Open, Close buttons only appear to the Captain and Vice Captain. Guild members can only enter by pressing the ‘Enter’ button.
  • If the Training Island is closed manually, you immediately leave the Training Island even if time remains.

Training Island can be accessed for up to 60 minutes per week, and play time is reset every Monday at 00:00 Server time.

  • Multiple dungeons cannot be created at the same time in a single guild.

1 Named Monster with a 30 minute respawn time appears in each Training Island dungeon.

You can acquire a high grade reward by eliminating the named monster, and the loot acquiring condition is same to those of Syllunas/Lunatra Named Monsters.

What is a Monster Bugle?

‘Monster Bugle’ is an item that can summon Named, Special Named Monsters in Training Island.

You can acquire ‘Monster Bugle’ at a certain rate by hunting in Training Island.

*However. If the remaining time expires or the dungeon is manually closed before eliminating the summoned monster, the monster disappears.

I cannot enter Training Island

You cannot enter Guild Dungeon during battle, or when the remaining Guild Dungeon time has ended.

Also, you cannot enter when the remaining time is under 1 minute.

*You automatically leave the Guild Dungeon when leaving or being banned from your guild.

What are the rewards of Training Island?

As field-drop rewards for eliminating Training Island monsters you can acquire ’Monster Bugle’, Skillbooks for each Class, Dark Soulstone, Purifying water.

*You can check the available loot by pressing the See More button in Main Acquisition Info.

I want to enter Training Island longer than the given time

You cannot enter Training Island after using all of the given time.

What is a Dice?

If you eliminate a certain monster except ‘Golden Cassel’ in Training Island you can give the loot to one of the guild members using the dice system.

Any guild member that is part of the guild when the monster is eliminated can roll dice, and the reward is sent automatically to the guild member with the highest number.

You can roll the dice if you enter the game when the dice roll time limit has not ended yet.

1) A Dice icon appears if there is an available dice

2) You can see the item list by touching the Dice icon

And select an item to roll dice or quit bidding.

3) Touch the [Roll] button to roll Dice

The guild member with the highest number (1~99) will receive the reward through their mailbox.

  • You cannot receive the reward if you leave or are banned from the guild during bidding.
  • If all guild members who can roll Dice quit bidding, any random guild member receives the reward.
  • Guild members who have joined the guild after the reward was dropped cannot participate in the bidding.
  • Rewards are sent to your mailbox.

You can ‘Quit’ if you do not wish to roll Dice.

If you quit, you lose the right to roll dice on the item, but can roll dice for other items.

  • ‘Quit All’ makes you lose the right to roll dice for all items on the list.
  • If all guild members quit dice roll except for 1 member, the single member receives the reward.
  • If all guild members quit, the item is sent to any random guild member.
  • The Training Island Special Named Monster Elimination reward is maintained, and ‘Dice Rewards’ are additional rewards.

Guild Crafting

What is Guild Crafting?

You can craft and acquire necessary items such as gear and usable items with guild members.

Guild Crafting is available from a certain level in [Menu] → [Guild] → ‘Crafting’ Tab.

*Available items and slots differ according to guild level.

How can I use Guild Crafting?

  • The Captain and Vice-Captain can register up to 5 guild crafting recipes.
  • When the recipe is registered the guild members can register materials and earn rewards for registering materials.
  • When all materials are registered the guild can craft the item, which the Captain and Vice-Captain gives out.

*Registering materials and item distribution is available 24 hours after joining a guild.

How can I register Guild Crafting recipes?

The Captain or Vice-Captain can register recipes in [Menu] → [Guild] → ‘Crafting’ by touching the + button.

*Guild members cannot register recipes.

How do I register materials?

Guild members can register materials by touching the ‘Register Material’ button.

Registration rewards are sent to your Mailbox after registering materials.

*Material registration has a daily limit.

How can I craft the item after all materials have been registered?

When all materials are registered, the Captain and Vice-Captain can start ‘Crafting’.

The item will be shown as ‘Craftable’, and when the crafting is finished the status is changed to ‘Distribution’.

How do I distribute completed items?

  • When crafting is finished the Captain or Vice-Captain can distribute the items to guild members.
  • They can manually enter item numbers or touch the ‘Auto-Distribute’ button.
  • Already distributed item numbers cannot be altered.

*Auto distribution gives each guild member [Crafted Item Number/Number of Guild Members] amount if items.

*Auto distribution distributes the items according to the sorted guild member list, from top to bottom.

  • Those at the last of the list may receive less items.

*If you delete the crafted item before taking them out the item disappears.

How do I acquire the distributed Items?

  • A ‘Remove’ button activates if you have been chosen as a distributed member.
  • The item is sent to your bag when touching the button through a pop-up.

*You cannot receive the item if your bag is full.

Can I delete registered recipes?

  • Registered recipes are deleted automatically when all distributed members receive the item.
  • The Captain or Vice-Captain can delete a recipe during crafting, when crafting is finished, and during distribution.

*If a recipe is deleted while crafting, the registered materials disappear.

*If a recipe is deleted during distribution, the crafted items cannot be distributed.

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